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Before understanding how an orthopedic expert witness works with the attorneys, the readers should know what arthroscopy is and what malpractices can take place. Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which small incisions are made to insert a tiny camera and diagnose joint problems. It gives better clarity of the joint problems. The surgeon inserts the camera to get a magnified image of the joints on the big TV screen. It is a minimally-invasive procedure with a high rate of recoveries. Surgical errors can take place due to various reasons and anyone who is responsible for the same can be sued by the victim. Any surgical act implies a minimal risk of failure and arthroscopy is no exception. If performed correctly, it can have a positive outcome. Before discussing the complications, let’s discuss what shoulder arthroscopy and why it is needed.

Shoulder arthroscopy: Procedure and complications

In shoulder arthroscopy, the doctor makes use of a tiny camera to visualize the problems of joints and tissues. Unlike open surgery, small incisions or cuts are made through which the camera is inserted to inspect, diagnose, and treat joint problems. This procedure is generally recommended when you have painful conditions or when your body stops responding to non-surgical techniques. Some of the non-surgical procedure includes- physical therapies, rest, injections, or medications that help in reducing swelling and inflammation. Shoulder arthroscopy is an ideal solution for treating painful symptoms of problems that cause damage to the articular cartilage, rotator cuff tendons, and the surrounding tissues and muscles near the joint. Some of the common arthroscopic procedures include- repair of ligaments, rotator cuff repair, ligament repairs, removal of loose cartilage, and others.

What can you expect from this surgery?

You’ll receive general anesthesia for this surgery which means that the surgery site will be made numb to give you a painless treatment. Regional anesthesia may also be given so that you don’t feel any pain. Once it is done, the surgeon will go to the next step.

  • Will make small incisions to insert the camera into your shoulder. This arthroscope is attached to a TV screen in the room to get a magnified image.
  • Will monitor the problems in your shoulder joints and tissues that include- bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Once the problem is detected, the doctor will repair the damages. For this process, few more incisions might be needed to insert other equipment through it. The damages in the tissues or in the joints are fixed by removing them.
  • Once the surgery is complete, the doctor will stitch the cuts and will cover it with a bandage.

The reputed surgeons will always take photos and videos while the procedure was done and this is kept as proof to show what they found and how the damages are fixed.

Long term Results of Shoulder arthroscopy:

The long term results of the procedure will depend on the physical condition and the experience of the surgeon. As far as the long term outcome is concerned, recovery will vary from one individual to the other. In case of minor injuries, you might recover within a short time with proper post-surgical care and rehabilitation. But in case of complicated procedures or patients having serious medical conditions may take time to recover. For example, people having diabetes may take a longer time to recover than the ones who aren’t diabetic. It might take months or even a year to completely recover after surgery. It’s the duty of the doctor to frame a guideline that you should follow after the procedure for a better outcome. However, if you don’t recover, you can seek medico-legal guidance from an orthopedic expert witness through the help of an attorney. This will help you to recover damages that have been caused. An orthopedic witness can explain the reasons why the patient is facing serious complications or what steps a competent medical professional should have taken to prevent such complexities. This will not only help in building the case but also simplify the entire process. You can expect a better outcome when you have an orthopedic expert witness by your side.

Malpractices in shoulder arthroscopy:

Though arthroscopic surgery has high success rates, people do suffer from complications either due to the negligence of the doctor or due to contributory negligence. You can file a lawsuit against your surgeon if you’ve been injured because of the negligence of the surgeon. In order to determine a case of malpractice, you’ll need the help of an orthopedic expert witness and this is possible only when you seek legal representation. These expert witnesses are called upon by the attorney to establish the grounds on which the surgeon could be held accountable. In other words, this expert will help in understanding how the doctor was negligent and what another doctor of the same credibility would have done under the same circumstances. Hence, the role of expert witnesses in malpractice cases is important!

Below is a comprehensive list of the complications that you might face after shoulder arthroscopy. If you feel that you or your loved ones have faced any of them due to negligence by the medical professionals, you should immediately get in touch with a malpractice attorney.


One of the common side-effects is joint infections. However, this problem should subside within a few days. If the infection doesn’t subside, then there might be a case of malpractice.

Frozen shoulder/Stiffness

After a shoulder operation, you might face some difficulty in moving your shoulders but that should be temporary. The overall risk of stiffness is nearly 5%.


Another rare yet severe complication found after shoulder arthroscopy is Chondrolysis. It is the damage caused to the cartilage of the shoulder joints and this problem is more visible in athletes.

Nerve Injury

These are rare complications but it can have devastating effects if permanent. The main nerves that are at high risk of damage are the Axillary and the Musculocutaneous nerve.

Besides this, there are various other types of injuries which can be stated as follows:

  • Traction injuries– Due to the use of excessive traction during surgery, the nerves surrounding the shoulder can stretch causing injury.
  • Anesthetic injuries– Before surgery, the patients are given local anesthesia to numb the area of surgery. The doctors should ask the patients if they are allergic to anesthesia. Only 0.4% of the patients get affected by anesthesia and can have prolonged effects.
  • Direct injury– The surgeons while performing the surgery should be able to prevent direct injury to the nerves around the shoulders.

Role of orthopedic expert witnesses in shoulder arthroscopy:

It’s quite clear from the above discussion that shoulder arthroscopy is also exposed to several risks. Hence, the doctor needs to evaluate the medical condition and other details of the patient prior to surgery. Remember that the success of the surgery depends on your physical condition and the skills of the surgeon. Complications and errors are not a rare occurrence but such an event gives way to medical malpractice.  So if you face any severe complications that cause loss of income or loss of enjoyment of life, you can file a case against that medical professional. Before understanding the role of an orthopedic expert witness in a shoulder arthroscopy case, below mentioned is a list of things that every surgeon should do before performing surgery.

  • The surgeon must lay emphasis on the risks and benefits of the surgery. The surgeon should provide detailed information on the procedure both in verbal and written forms. This is done to receive consent from the patient.
  • Should remind the patients regarding the delicate procedures involved in the surgery.
  • Make acquainted with the profession and its implications, risks, and expected outcomes, as well as the enormity of an eventual medical error.

If the medical professional deviates from the standards or if they fail to convey all the risks and benefits; or fail to obtain the consent of the patient; then the latter can file a lawsuit and seek compensation for the damages caused to them.

To file a lawsuit, you need to get in touch with an attorney, and the attorney in turn will call upon an orthopedic expert witness to determine if there has been a fault on the part of the surgeon. This is very crucial or else there can be counter-attacks from the defense. At times, the plaintiff can also be penalized for putting in wrong allegations. Therefore, the experts along with the attorney will establish that there has been malpractice. Once evidence is found, the lawsuit will be filed against the surgeon or anyone who is responsible for the injury. An orthopedic expert witness has multiple roles to play and is beneficial to all the parties- plaintiff, the defendant, and the jury. The defendant’s attorney can also appoint an expert witness. The case reviews and the facts prepared by the expert witnesses are produced before the court.

Medical malpractices are highly technical and involve certain complex elements. Neither the jury nor the solicitors have in-depth knowledge of these complex matters and this is when an attorney will call upon an orthopedic expert witness to understand these complex matters. They’ll critically analyze the case and prepare a report based on that. These reports are unbiased and free from any other outer influence. Besides this, there is a deadline within which the case needs to be filed. In California, this deadline is known as the statute of limitations which you’ll get to learn in the next section.

The statute of limitations in California:

 The lawsuit filing has to be done as soon as injuries are found. The official statute of limitations in California is 3 years after the injury and once you file the case, you have 365 days to commence the action. The defendant has to be served a notice by the plaintiff at least 3 months before filing a lawsuit. No letter formatting is needed but certain things have to be laid out:

  • The legal basis of the claim
  • Type of loss claimed
  • Nature of the injuries sustained

However, there are certain exceptions to California’s statute of limitations which has been stated below.

  • Firstly, if the surgeon has left a foreign object inside the patient’s body, then the lawsuit can be filed anytime after the final discovery of the object. Therefore, there will be no such deadline in this matter. For example, if a patient discovers a foreign object after 10 years, the lawsuit can be filed after 10 years. In that case, the patient will get a year’s time from the time of discovery to file the lawsuit.
  • Secondly, if the medical professional commits fraud by trying to fix up the misconduct, then there won’t be any such deadline for the matter.

Importance of seeking legal representation:

Getting your compensation would be a difficult affair especially if you are not familiar with the legal system. But with the help of the right attorneys, you can easily fight your case. Remember that medical malpractice lawsuits will need the guidance of an orthopedic expert witness to under the complex matters. Unless you seek legal representation, you won’t be able to get medico-legal guidance. An experienced attorney can help get your compensation for all the damages caused to you. It includes reimbursement for things like- lost wages, medical bills, transportation costs, pain and suffering, rehabilitation and so much more.

If you believe that there has been injured because of the negligence of the doctor, get in touch with the best lawyers in California as they can represent you in the court with strong facts and arguments. Also, they’ll make the case strong by retaining an orthopedic expert witness to get neutral case reviews. These documents are crucial because the attorney may submit it to the jury. Although the decision of these expert witnesses is not binding, the jury cannot understand the medical complexities without their help. So, retaining a lawyer is a must in a shoulder arthroscopy malpractice case!

Residents within a sober living residence are confined to a higher standard after they finish a rehabilitation program. They ensure a substance-free atmosphere to avoid any temptations, support from other residents to secure a better outlook on life, support gathering meetings, and establish independence and responsibilities to develop a new routine for themselves after overcoming addiction.

Residents need to confine to particular rules and regulations to resume living in a sober living residence. While specific guidelines vary from department to department, there are some standard guidelines that most sober living residences practice.

If a person in early rehabilitation doesn’t have a healthy home environment, they recommend living in a sober living residence as they adapt to life without substance usage.

Sober Living Schedules and Recovery Foundations

Sober living residences offer a fundamental method of assistance in the ongoing rehabilitation means. While detox and rehabilitation formulate strong support for feeling accomplished being substance-free, a behavioral shift can take months to integrate entirely.

Rehabilitation programs present group therapy and often individual practice. To begin behavioral development, which reduces the risk of relapse, look no further as here within our United Recovery Project treatment sober living home, Florida facility, we shall accommodate you accordingly to your needs for long-term sobriety.

A sober living residence permits residents to proceed practicing self-control while establishing a daily practice with more ease. If you are involved in outpatient rehabilitation, there is a particular treatment schedule you must abide by.

Sober living homes don’t usually have this disciplined schedule. Learning to reside with this improved freedom can be an astonishingly essential process for patients who have concluded a more structured rehabilitation program.

If you are exiting a residential treatment program, here at our United Recovery Project treatment sober living home, we offer an excellent transitional step before you retreat home. The massive distinction between living in a rehab center around the clock and life at home can be too much in initial rehabilitation. This transitional living circumstance can be significant in establishing solid standing in life outside the treatment center.

Aftercare Plan and Rehabilitation Support

What generally happens after rehabilitation, anyway? The standard sequence of treatment begins with detoxification, which overcomes the body’s physical addiction to substances. This is followed by behavioral treatment in a rehabilitation program.

Here at our United Recovery Project treatment sober living home, we offer aftercare services, and it has become a crucial component of drug treatment. This part of addiction rehabilitation involves designing a program to remain sober, including housing arrangements and support by establishing emergency contacts, counseling sessions, group meetings, and doctor appointments.

Detox and rehabilitation are the center elements of addiction treatment. But once you finish rehabilitation, you need assistance to remain sober as you revert to your daily routine. More rehabilitation programs encourage clients to create an aftercare plan, which implements social and medical assistance to bypass relapse or return to a distinct level of care in the case of a relapse.

Every woman wants to preserve her youthful look for long. With aging, everything starts deteriorating. But, by undergoing the right type of anti-wrinkle skin care treatment; it will become easy to slow down your aging. 

How does Skin Get Affected with Aging?

Various symptoms indicate that you are on your way of aging. It starts with deteriorating the glossy look of your skin. Additional signs include:

  • Low elasticity of the skin
  • High-rate dryness and dullness on the skin
  • Formation of wrinkles and firm lines
  • Increase in fragility and redness on the skin

It is the result of breaking down of the cellular components and reduced rate of metabolic process. Along with applying the right type of moisturizers, the right type of facial rejuvenation treatment will help in fixing the problem from inside. 

Consulting an expert will help in judging the right type of treatment based on your skin type. Along with the treatment, it is essential to protect your skin from getting exposed to harmful UV rays directly. For preserving the youthful appearance, you must try to stay away from environmental and oxidizing conditions.

What are Some Remarkable Benefits of Ant-Wrinkle Skin Care Treatment?

By availing the most suitable anti-wrinkle skin care treatment, you will be able to go with the ongoing fashion. Some astonishing benefits associated with the same include:

  • Giving a green signal to self-confidence
  • You will be able to enjoy a smarter and competent look
  • Having a positive effect on your entire health

The high advancement in technology and innovation has helped a lot in achieving the desired goal. With a youthful look, you will be able to take your friend circle to further level. There will hardly be any need to hide your aging signs unnecessarily as the rejuvenation treatment will help in this regard.

Is it Possible to Give a Full Stop to Flaking and Peeling?

Besides fighting with wrinkles, the anti-aging treatment will prevent drying, flaking and peeling of your skin. As it will give a full stop to the process of aging, you will be able to enjoy an attractive and youthful look for long.

When it comes to leading a healthy life, you first need to concentrate on availing quality healthcare services. There is no doubt that quality healthcare facilities who have done medical assistant programs new york ny can help people enjoying good health and getting rid of diseases. When you enter into a hospital, you will notice a hospital cart.

The main motto behind choosing a medical cart is that it helps organizing medical tools, medications and other stuffs adequately. This way, medical staff or doctors can easily access to a desired medical tool. Do you want to know more about the same?

Let’s check out how hospital carts help improving healthcare services.

Organize Small Medical Equipments/Tools

When it comes to accessing top-notch medical help in case of an emergency, importance of small medical tools can’t be denied. But the problem comes when medical professional find it difficult to access desired medical tools on time. Now, what should be done? The solution to this problem is medical carts.

Yes, these carts can help medical professionals accessing desired tools when an emergency case emerges. It’s often seen that medical assistants find it difficult to arrange small tools for healthcare assistance. Thus, they need medical cart that can help them arranging everything properly.

Get Medications, Injections, Etc.

There are critical conditions of patients, it’s necessary that there must proper arrangement of necessary medication, injections and other stuffs. For this, you again need to look at nowhere else but hospital carts. It’s really an important point that you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing carts.

There is no doubt that accessing desired injections and other medications on time is necessary to save the life of a patient. In case of delay of accessing medications, anything could be happened. This is the main point why most of the top hospitals and clinics have medical healthcare carts for arranging necessary medications.

Make Things Faster and Easier 

Another great advantage of choosing clinic carts is that they can make things easier, faster and more comfortable than ever before. Since you can easily get necessary medications, tools and other things arranged on time, you can easily provide quality healthcare services to a patient. Obviously, it’s an innovative option for contemporary hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world.

When it comes to saving lives of patients, time management is really important. It’s not supposed to waste even a single moment as it could be crucial for a patient’s life. So, this is the feature that makes carts for hospitals a right choice to go with. Obviously, these innovative hospital devices help improving healthcare services.

Where to Look for Medical Carts?

Whether it is about choosing healthcare tools or devices, you would surely like to know about a right store online. The same rule can also be applied when it comes to choosing carts for hospitals. So, the best answer to this most asked question is online shopping.

There are lots of stores online that can help you unveiling big assortment of different types of healthcare products, devices and accessories. You just need to visit at a store online that can provide you huge selection of products.

To lead a healthy life one must follow some strict protocols and health plans. One of the most important factors that people tend to ignore in most cases is that a healthy diet plan is very necessary to lead a healthy life. In modern diet plans however many important foods are not included. One of these important foods which has great potential to improve one’s health but is ignored in regular diet, is nuts. Nuts are natural source of many important nutritional elements like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, good cholesterol, etc. Some of the varieties of nuts even have the ability to improve health in some severe conditions such as constipation, low sperm count, etc. Thus it is very important that nuts are included in the regular diet of people.

The human body temperature depends on various factors, and because of them, they feel body heat. These may cause a high medical issue as well if they don’t control them. That’s why for them is necessary to know the ways for how to reduce body heat.

The health benefits of hazelnuts and their nutritional elements

Hazelnuts are one of the healthiest varieties of nuts currently available in the market. Hazelnuts have high amounts of dietary fibers which help in maintaining gut microbes and improve bowel movements which in turn are helpful for constipation patients. It has been reported that hazelnuts help in developing brain in children during their early years. Hazelnuts are also very helpful in reducing risks of developing type 2 diabetes. Hazelnuts have been reported to have good effects on heart.

The special benefit of consuming hazelnut

Apart from the benefits mentioned above hazelnut has a special ability that no other type of nut can provide. It has been recorded that consumption of hazelnuts improves sperm count in men. And it has also been proven in recent years that hazelnut also helps to improve the quality of sperms. It is thus very much helpful for men who face problems on their sperm count as well as sperm quality.

Order good quality hazelnuts in bulk from reputed online vendor

Now if you want to buy hazelnuts after considering all the health benefits mentioned above then there is one small thing you can do. You can buy hazelnuts in wholesale. Now buying wholesale hazelnuts may not seem a very good idea at first but if you actually compare the pricings you will find that wholesale hazelnuts are cheaper. You can not only buy it for your own use but you can buy it in wholesale and then distribute it amongst your extended family and friends. Large bulks of hazelnuts are also a good option if you are to serve them in a party or gathering. However, you should find a good vendor like the nut shop who are offering bulk orders on different types of nuts on online platforms of their respective brands. So if you are to buy wholesale hazelnuts make sure to find a good online vendor.

Have you ever heard about Polymyalgia Rheumatica? Well, this is a disorder that causes muscle pain and stiffness, and it can be very uncomfortable and painful. In minor cases, you might mistake this disorder for just soreness, but it should not be taken lightly.

It is important to learn more about Polymyalgia Rheumatica and how to deal with the disorder, which is why it is important that you talk to your doctor. Only your doctor will be able to tell you more about the disorder, what to expect, and how to properly deal with it. You can check out arthritisCARE or visit your local doctor instead.

Learn more about arthritis

What is Polymyalgia Rheumatica?

This is an inflammatory disorder that will cause muscle pain and stiffness. The symptoms will usually appear in shoulders and hips, but that all depends from one individual’s case to the other. Signs of this condition usually start very quickly, and they are a lot worse first thing in the morning. People who tend to develop Polymyalgia Rheumatica are over 65 in most cases.

There are some cases where people under 50 can develop Polymyalgia Rheumatica, but that is rare. This condition is related to another inflammatory disorder that is called giant cell arteritis. With this condition, you will often have headaches, pain in your jaw, scalp tenderness, and vision difficulties. It is possible to have both Polymyalgia Rheumatica and giant cell arteritis together.

What about the symptoms?

The signs of this disorder will usually happen in both sides of your body. It is important that you pay attention to the symptoms, which could include:

  • Pain or aches in your neck, buttocks, hips, upper arms, or thighs.
  • Pain or aches in your shoulders.
  • Limited range of motion in the areas that are affected.
  • Stiffness in affected areas; especially when you get up in the morning or if you are inactive for some time.
    • Pain and stiffness in your elbows, knees and wrists.

    Sometimes, pain in your knees could be a result of torn meniscus. You will need to seek professional consultation for an accurate diagnosis and treat the wrist injuries as soon as possible.

Of course, there are some more general symptoms that might occur as well. For example:

  • Sudden loss of appetite or unintended weight loss.
  • Depression.
  • A general feeling of being unwell.
  • Mild fever.
  • Fatigue.

Talk to your doctor!

It is important that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms, or you are just feeling unwell, that you visit your doctor. If you are interested, you could check out the polymyalgia rheumatica treatment in Brisbane performed by Arthritis Care or you can simply talk to a local doctor who will refer you to a specialist who can help.

Make sure to talk to your doctor

Final word

Feeling pain and stiffness on a daily basis is not something normal or something you should get used to. If you feel as if there is anything wrong or it feels off, you should visit your doctor. Polymyalgia rheumatica can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in your daily activities.