Every parent always desires to raise a mentally, emotionally, and psychologically strong child. While some parents are always there for their kids, some may be distant parents. Most people who are new in parenting always become curious about the kind of parent they want to be bearing the impact on the child’s life. Parenting style always impacts the relationship and the bond between the parent and the child as per the attachment parenting principles.

4 Types of Parenting Styles

The four main parenting styles are neglectful, permissive, authoritative and authoritarian, according to Dr. Diana Baurmind, who is a developmental psychologist.

1 The Uninvolved/neglectful parenting.

This parenting style involves parents who are less responsive to the needs of their children. This kind of parent knows less about their child. In this style, there are fewer rules, which comes from less or no attention from the parents. As a result, the room for guidance and nurturing is minimal in this style. Therefore, children are left to raise themselves, and in most cases, they are the ones who meet their needs, and this may overwhelm them. As a result, this kind of parenting leaves children struggling with morals, self-esteem and low happiness.

2 Permissive parenting

This style exhibits a lot of leniency from the parents. The parents in this style take a friendship role more than a parenting role. They are usually more responsive and have fewer rules as the children are left to make decisions independently. Parents in this style acknowledge the power of open communication and the focus in this parenting style is to keep the child happy. There is a high possibility of bad behavior or choices in this style as parents tend to avoid conflicts and only step in when a serious problem arises.

3 Authoritative parenting style.

In this style, parents use rules set while considering the children’s opinion. This style encourages understanding from the parents as they consider the child’s opinions and feelings. Even though the consequences are always evident in this style, the children develop in their honesty and reasoning. This style, therefore, bring up self-disciplined and open-minded children. At the same time, parents are always supportive and nurture their kids by meeting their needs. This makes the style to be regarded as the most beneficial.

4 Authoritarian parenting style.

This is a very rigid parenting style where parents take full control without room for children’s opinions or feedback. The rules are always strict and the children’s feelings are less accounted for. In most cases, communication is only from the parent to the child and punishment may apply more than discipline. This is because instead of children being guided on making good choices, they are required to follow strict rules and therefore feel sorry when they make a mistake. Therefore the risk of this kind of parenting style is low esteem as the opinions and feelings of the child are not taken into account.


Parenting is crucial in determining the kind of child who will become an adult in the future. A parent should therefore use a style that considers the emotional, psychological, mental and social issues into account. This will shape the child in all dimensions, and of course, both the parent and the child will be happy ultimately.


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