Sometimes you know how your hair got damaged. All the styling tools, dye, and bleach, when misused, can severely hurt your hair. Other times, there are intangible factors like pollution and dust that clogs your scalp. No matter how badly your scalp and hair have got damaged, you can still restore it using a three-step formula as below.

  1. Wash your hair using a vitamins and proteins rich shampoo

It’s best to use a hair growth shampoo having essential oils, vitamins, and proteins like Keratin, building blocks of hair. It’s best to use products like Keratin hair renewal shampoo and conditioner from Kerotin. It’s a shampoo free from all harmful elements like parabens and sulfates. It cleanses your hair while nourishing them.

  1. Restore the moisture using deeply conditioning hair masks

As your hair gets damaged, the sebaceous glands beneath your scalp stop secreting the natural oil. The best way to restore the moisture in your hair is by using hair masks. These masks are high in essential oils and lipids. When you combine masks with a heat cap, the benefits of applying masks increases significantly.

  1. Don’t forget to brush your hair twice a day

There is a natural secretion of oil over your scalp. When you brush your hair, the oil from the scalp spreads to all your hair. As a result, you get shinier hair. Another benefit of brushing hair is the blood flow to your hair follicle improves, which accelerates hair growth.

To summarize, this three-step formula can restore your hair health and give you stronger, shinier hair. You can accelerate your damage reversal by using nourishing and replenishing products developed by Kerotin.

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