Squash is a simple sport that both novices and professionals enjoy. Whether you are new to the sport or have been playing it for a while, you can improve your game in some way when you play it in a place where a coach is brought in. As you share the space of a small court while moving at speed with others, you all become witness to highly skilled and comical moments. 

Squash is an indoor sport, so you can play it any time of day, all year round. If you are looking for a place to play squash, consider the West-End Cavendish squash courts. The following are some of the reasons to play squash now:

It is a Great Workout

Sometimes, getting in enough exercise can be boring and repetitive. This is something you cannot expect from playing squash. This high-intensity workout will constantly work your body throughout the game. If you want to play it for one hour, you will often burn at least 1, 000 calories, which is more than what you can burn with other activities such as cycling or running.

Within just 45 minutes, squash mimics the toughest cardio and aerobic workout you can get. It involves constant running and following the ball, as well as making hard, consistent contact with it. You simply cannot get more extreme than this. The majority of gym-goers hit the place for a few hours before they maximize their workout. But, if you play squash, the 45 minutes of fun will get you to the ultimate workout.

It Lets you Play Alone or with Others

If you only want to engage in a good workout or require some time to improve your on-court skills, you can get your sweat on by yourself. But, squash can also be an excellent social activity because it is meant to be either a two- or four-person game. 

It Improves your Hand-Eye Coordination

When you play squash, balls bounce off the wall and all over the court and you focus on hitting these balls that tend to barrel toward your face. Aside from hitting them as they fly toward you, you must anticipate where these balls will hit on your side of the court. For this, you need extreme hand-eye coordination, so you can hit the ball and score points.

It Lets you Make Friends

The majority of squash courts run their leagues to let single players get more games and allow all involved to play against opponents perfectly matched to them. Thus, you can just contact your nearest venue and ask to be added to their league if you want to start playing.