This type of massage is very popular today and around the world. It has many forms and is used for a variety of conditions. However, it is mostly utilized to relieve pain as well as improve mobility.

Shiatsu is an alternative form of Japanese bodywork focused on concepts in traditional Chinese medicine like the flow of ‘qi’ or ‘chi’ in and around the body. Shiatsu originated from a Japanese massage technique known as anma. This is where acupressure energy is channeled into specific parts of the body. People who receive this type of treatment feel some relief from back pain and other related problems and believe that this type of therapy may be a useful path for back pain treatment.

Shiatsu therapy differs from most other forms of therapy because it employs both acupressure and traditional Chinese healing techniques. The therapy session starts with a review of a patient’s history to determine a diagnosis. In some cases, a therapist may even suggest the diagnosis of a medical problem. If this happens, the acupressure energy is manipulated with the appropriate pressure points according to the diagnosis.

Shiatsu practitioners study the energy flow in various meridian channels and treat their patients with different techniques depending on the blockages that they find in these channels. Some channels are blocked due to physical conditions like arthritis and others are blocked due to emotional issues like stress and anxiety. Shiatsu therapists find out what these blockages are and apply treatments according to the identified meridian points. Some acupressure points are stimulated, while others are relaxed. Therefore, a continuous and systematic flow of energy flows through the body via the shiatsu massage therapist.

An important difference between traditional Japanese massage and shiatsu massage is the involvement of qi or energy in the healing process. In traditional Japanese massage, the therapist uses only firm pressure to release blockages in the meridian lines. Shiatsu practitioners believe that these meridian lines are energy pathways that connect the body’s organs and muscles. In this type of therapy, they encourage circulation of qi through the affected areas to promote health. According to the Japanese Medical Practitioner’s Association, the stimulation of the qi energy is beneficial for the skin, blood, organs, tissues, and the brain.

Shiatsu massage has been found effective in relieving pain and promoting the healing process. Its popularity has increased in recent years as more people have become aware of its potential benefits. What is Shiatsu massage can be learned in a short period of time by taking a basic course on Chinese medicine and acupuncture? It is also available for a reasonable price in some health stores.

How to give a Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is one of the best ways to give a good massage. The basic foundation of this type of massage treatment is to relieve pain and stimulate healing in a person. In this regard, it uses pressure to connect the central channel of the human body to the pressure points located in different parts of the different areas of the human body. This is done by applying different techniques such as holding the hands or the feet of the therapist while stimulating the pressure points with the use of certain strokes and rubbing techniques.

Shiatsu is not only confined to physical contact. It also has spiritual aims, since the main principle of this type of massage treatment is to promote relaxation and to help a person achieve inner peace. Therefore, the therapist also makes use of different methods such as meditation in order to maintain the state of relaxation. During the massaging technique, it is possible to work on the muscles, tendons, nerves, skin, adrenals, kidneys, bladder, bowels, spleen, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, teeth, joints, and many other internal organs. This enables you to work on improving the quality of your health and the way you feel on a day to day basis.

Shiatsu massage usually follows some specific steps. The first step involves working on adjusting the patient’s posture by applying slow and firm pressure on the different acupressure points. Then, the therapist also helps the client to determine the energy flow in her body. This step is particularly important because improper energy flow can cause many problems especially when the patient experiences a chronic imbalance between the yin and the yang or male and female energies.

The next step of how to give a Shiatsu massage is to analyze the flow of qi in the patient’s body. Shiatsu therapists are trained to be able to determine what qi is stagnant in the body or not flowing well. They can also see if there is any blockage or restriction in the vital energy channels of the client. When this is done, the therapist can then begin to correct whatever problem they have identified in the client’s system.

One of the most important things to know about how to give a Shiatsu massage is that there is no fixed pattern or set time for this type of therapy. The effect can be effective only if the right technique and position are used by the therapist. If the client is uncomfortable with a particular position or feels too much pain, he or she should inform the therapist immediately. By doing so, the therapist can avoid potentially harmful mistakes or unwanted outcomes.

Shiatsu massages require complete understanding and proper training from the therapist as well as the client. These two parties must work hand in hand together to help achieve the desired results. By learning the correct way of performing this type of therapy, people will be able to make positive changes in their lives. Aside from treating aches and pains, it also improves blood flow and oxygenation of the vital energy centers (i.e., the meridians). These improvements result to better health and well-being. People who undergo regular sessions of how to give a Shiatsu massage report improved health, better immune system, and increased levels of qi.

How to use Shiatsu massager?

Shiatsu massager

Shiatsu massage is a form of massage therapy that employs the use of the hands, fingers and even feet for therapeutic purposes. There are a number of ways to use this massager, such as the application of pressure through the palms of the hands or the use of the thumbs and fingers. By using the appropriate techniques, a person can enhance his or her circulation, relieve stress, reduce pain, and improve one’s general well being.

Shiatsu is one of the most effective forms of massage therapy, because it is focused on the manipulation of the internal organs. This message is effective for people who are suffering from such conditions as joint pain, bruises, asthma, stress, and ulcers. Because the manipulation is directed at the exact location of the problem, it is much less invasive than many other massage therapies.

There are a number of ways on how to use Shiatsu massager. For starters, you can use this massager while sitting, sleeping, running or exercising. In addition, if you want to be able to learn how to use the message more effectively, it is important to apply only light pressure, since too much pressure can cause damage to the skin.

Shiatsu massage is also effective for pregnant women who want to reduce swelling and inflammation, relieve cramps and tension in the lower abdomen and pelvic region, and increase blood flow. The massager is also effective for people who experience joint pain, stiffness, or pain associated with arthritis and other chronic conditions. When used properly, this massager can help improve the condition of aching and swollen tissues. If you are suffering from a serious injury and need to have it treated right away, you can benefit from the use of this effective massager.

Shiatsu massager is not only effective in treating injuries, but it can also be used on a daily basis to maintain good health. It is used to stimulate the lymphatic circulation as well as to ease cramps caused by swollen tissues. This effective tool can also promote better posture, control blood pressure, enhance flexibility, and increase muscle strength. Plus, with the use of this massager, you can prevent injuries from happening.

Shiatsu massage can be done on your own, but it is best to have professionals perform this procedure. If you want to learn how to use Shiatsu massager, it is important to consult a professional masseuse or therapist first. They can teach you how to properly position your message in order for it to do its job properly. This will ensure that you get the results that you want. Once you have learned how to use a massager, you can now enjoy the benefits it can give to both physical and mental health.

Our brain is responsible for all the functions of our body. It sends signals or commands to the rest of our organs and other body parts depending on what we want to do. It is the main focal point of our body. Without it, we would all be like vegetables, unable to think, speak, and move. That’s why taking care of our brain is important. Eating right, exercising, and taking vitamins that could give our brain and body the nutrients it needs can help. One such compound that we can supplement our bodies with is Alpha GPC.

Alpha GPC is a substance that’s a choline-containing phospholipid that came from soy. It is naturally made in the body, but it is also made in a laboratory as a medicine or dietary supplement. Some parts of Europe consider Alpha GPC as a prescription medication while in the US, it is considered a supplement. Numerous studies from this source show that the Alpha GPC compound supports a role where it enhances cognitive function. If you are interested, you can purchase Alpha GPC powder bulk at Cofttek. But first, let’s learn more about this lifesaving compound.

What Does Alpha GPC Do to Help Improve Brain Function?

Research and studies show that Alpha GPC triggers the cholinergic system, which is responsible for the cognitive function of the brain, increasing strength, and release of growth hormone. The promising aspect of Alpha GPC is that it offers amazing effects on the brain. Older adults choose to take Alpha GPC as a supplement to improve memory recall and thinking. It is a source of choline, which acts as a precursor to acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter. Alpha GPC delivers choline fast to the brain and increases acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is responsible for the many chemical messages we send and receive.

Acetylcholine helps improve our learning skills as well as developing muscle contraction, which makes it the perfect brawns and brains supplement. Once the brain has been provided with enough choline, it becomes acetylcholine, which is utilized primarily by the hippocampus to create memories. Alpha GPC ensures that our brain has enough acetylcholine to enhance our linguistic skills and our logical thinking skills. It helps strengthen our memories, coordination, and mobility. As we age, acetylcholine decreases. To ensure our brain won’t decline, we need to keep the acetylcholine levels up with Alpha GPC.

The Numerous Benefits of Alpha GPC

By taking Alpha GPC, it increases the acetylcholine in our brain by increasing the choline levels. Choline is then converted into acetylcholine, which is the main compound needed to positively affect our brain. Alpha GPC brings benefits. Based on numerous studies done in the early 90s, it has improved memory performance on both humans and animals. It also enhances the learning ability and memory health of our brains. It also increases the brain’s dopamine levels, which positively affects overall brain functionality. 

Due to its promising effects on the brain, it is considered a great supplement for people suffering from age-related cognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Also, people who suffered from a stroke showed better recovery within 10 days of taking Alpha GPC. In the end, Alpha GPC is an amazing substance that can improve the brain and its many functionalities.


When it comes to managing incontinence, you’ve got a broad range of options to choose from! You can buy pads incontinence, go in for incontinence briefs, and get adult nappies among others. If you’re new to shopping for incontinence products, you’ve surely seen that these are available in two different types – reusable and disposables. The question is which one should you buy? To decide on the right type, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of both reusable incontinence products and their disposable counterparts.

Reusable incontinence products

  •         Advantages

A major reason for which lots of people try to get reusable adult nappies or buy washable pads for incontinence is because these help to save a significant amount of money in the long run. If you don’t like shopping for incontinence products frequently or feel that it’s becoming a costly affair, reusable products would be your best option. Another key advantage is that reusable incontinence products lower the volume of products piling up in landfills, which makes them environmentally friendly options.

  •         Disadvantages

You must wash reusable incontinence products thoroughly to have them properly cleaned. Different materials are used to manufacture these products, so it’s a must to follow the washing instructions properly. Additionally, reusable products sometimes come with a slightly lower absorbency compared to their disposable counterparts. So they are perfect if you’re suffering from lower or moderate incontinence issues. But if you have severe or heavy incontinence, they may not be the best option.

Disposable incontinence products

  •         Advantages

Whether you’re looking to buy pads for incontinence or get adult nappies, you’ll sometimes see that disposable products offer higher absorbency than reusable ones. It means you can get optimal protection for longer durations. Another notable advantage is they eliminate the need for washing and ensuring that they are thoroughly cleaned. Once you’re done using these products, you can simply discard them. It becomes particularly helpful during travel or when you have a hectic lifestyle. It also lets you save the effort and cost of laundering. What’s more, disposable products tend to be small, so you can carry them around conveniently.

  •         Disadvantages

One of the major disadvantages of using disposable incontinence products is that it often becomes an expensive affair over time. So before you decide to get disposable adult nappies or similar products, it would be wise to consider the overall cost aspect. Be sure to factor in the amount of gas you will be using if you need to make frequent trips to the supermarket, apart from the cost of the products.

Also, note that they are not environmentally friendly. But instead of using public trash cans or flushable toilets to dispose of them, you must follow the right disposal methods like buying disposable bags. Additionally, people wear disposable products for longer because of their higher absorbency. For this reason, you must take additional care to prevent skin irritation and rashes that may result from prolonged use of such products.

Both reusable and disposable incontinence products have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. So whether you’re planning to buy pads or deciding to get adult nappies to manage incontinence, you must review your needs and individual circumstances carefully to decide about the right type of product for you.







Four Components Of Health:

There are four components of health: physical, psychological, social and motor. These interrelated aspects of well-being are interdependent and cannot be adequately measured on a single dimension. Hence, health assessment is done according to each of these aspects, in order to provide the needed comprehensive management services for individuals, groups as well as communities. Health is essential for all of us and thus, there is an increasing demand for health care services. The increasing need for health services is reflected in the rapidly increasing number of health practitioners and professionals required by the health care system.

The health care system caters to the general population through health professionals such as doctors, nurses, physician assistants, psychologists and other medical staff. There are two types of health professionals namely primary care practitioners and specialists. The primary care practitioners, who are often referred to as family physicians, perform preventive health care, primary medical examinations, prescribe drugs , and conduct laboratory tests and offer consultations on a confidential basis; while the specialists, who are referred to as the interventional radiologists, specialists in interventional radiology, surgical radiologists, and pathologists, perform advanced diagnostic procedures, treatments and surgery, and provide diagnostic services on a confidential basis.

Some health services are covered by insurance plans, while others are provided through fee-for-service basis. Some health professionals work at the patients’ homes, so they have contact only with the patients. Thus, there is a significant gap between the roles of health care professionals such as physicians, surgeons, and radiologists, as well as other health care services technicians, and patient care providers such as nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacy technicians. Health care delivery requires training, supervision, and certification by a practicing physician or surgeon. In some instances, health professionals are trained in a shorter period of time to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a pharmacy technician, but they must maintain a degree from an approved program.

The primary care practitioner is responsible for prevention services, which include overall health management, including diagnosis, consultation, and treatment of health problems. The primary care practitioner facilitates communication between patients and health care providers. For example, he/she would facilitate the patient’s review of the medical history and choose the recommended health care provider. In addition, he/she would also screen patients for diseases and conditions that might be life threatening or that require immediate medical attention. In addition, primary care professionals offer preventative services such as vaccination and screening for cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

Another category of allied health professionals are direct patient care specialists. These health professionals provide medical care to patients who require in-person assistance, telephone access, or home health services. They are usually physicians, chiropractors, and nurses. These professionals coordinate the primary care physicians, refer patients to other appropriate health professionals, perform basic lab tests, and administer medications.

Cataract surgery goes smooth and hassle-free for many patients. All your vision problems get corrected and you again get to see the world clearly with your eyes. However, the outcome might not turn out to be in favor of certain patients due to many reasons like negligence of the surgeon. Like any other surgical procedure, cataract surgery has inherent risks and it can actually worsen your condition if you have other serious diseases or eye problems. So it is the responsibility of your surgeon to evaluate your eye health as well as the medications that you take. Closely watch out for the symptoms and if you find any of the following complications, seek immediate medical attention. Also, exercise the legal remedies that you have, including the services of a cataract surgery expert witness in the matter.

  • Infection– There can be a buildup of infections in your eyes due to germs that might have entered during the surgery. It can also happen due to the use of faulty equipment or unsterilized medical tools. You may face eye redness, swelling, itching, and painful sensations. Though infections are rare complications after cataract surgery, antibiotics can soothe the symptoms.
  • Inflammation– Swelling, and inflammation are common after any surgical procedure. It is temporary and should go away within few days. However, if it is more than usual, proper medications and eye drops can help.
  • Retinal detachment– Retinal detachment is a condition when the retina slightly pulls away from the eye after surgery. This is a serious complication requiring immediate medical attention. It can cause vision loss. You might feel one of the following symptoms- see flashes of light, floating spots in your eyes, and blurred vision. Retinal detachments can also happen during retina surgery and this is when you’ll need a retina expert witness. These expert witnesses are called upon to assist the attorneys in determining the fault of the surgeon.
  • Fluid buildup in the retina– You might get blurry visions for fluid buildup in your eyes. Eye drops might be used and it might take a month or so to get it cured. Though it is not a very complicated symptom as it can be completely cured, serious cases might need shots of steroids.

These are some of the complications that you might face after botched-up cataract surgery. However, surgical errors can also happen during retinal and glaucoma surgery. If you feel that you are facing complications due to glaucoma surgery, get in touch with an attorney. The attorneys will call upon a glaucoma surgery expert witness to determine the fault of the surgeon. These expert witnesses provide expert testimony and deposition services during court trials. Moreover, they provide an unbiased review of the case and explain the technical elements of the case in a simplified manner to the guests. Try not to make any delays because you lose the right to exercise your compensational rights. There’s a statute of limitations within which the case needs to be filed.

Aesculap knee replacement has caused the patients to experience various painful conditions and also necessitated a revision surgery which is quite risky. Every year, nearly half of the population undergoes knee surgery with positive outcome. These replacement devices offer relief from pain and allow flexible movement. However, certain patients face painful complications because of malfunctioned devices which don’t work. In case of Aesculap knee replacements, the patients often complaint about the lack of adhesion of the device to bond to the patient’s natural bone. This is the reason why patients have to undergo revision procedures for removal of the device. The main problem is with regards to the loosening of the device. Cement de-bonding is one of the major reasons for higher knee replacement failures. So if you’ve been a victim, it’s important to get in touch with an orthopedic expert witness as they can help you out with the medico-legal procedures.     To get in touch with an expert witness, you need to retain an experienced lawyer.

Before understanding the role of orthopedic expert witnesses in Aesculap knee replacement, it’s important to know the complications that you might face.

Complications of Aesculap knee replacement surgery:

Till now, no specific reason has been found for debonding issues but it is assumed that this adhesion problem is due to design or coating of the Aesculap knee replacement. You might be facing one of the below mentioned complications because of the failure of the surgery.

  • Intense pain
  • Instability of the joint
  • Decrease in motion
  • Need for risky operations and revision procedures
  • Permanent muscle damage and bone loss
  • Swelling and Infection
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Higher medical bills

These are some of the complications that you might face. Sometimes the only way to correct the problem is by getting a revision surgery which is quite risky.

 If you think you’ve been a victim of Aesculap knee replacement surgery, get in touch with an attorney. The lawyers will precede the investigation only after seeking expert consultation from orthopedic expert witnesses. These experts are called upon to seek medico-legal guidance on the case and to evaluate the injuries sustained by the patients. They prepare neutral and unbiased reports which are scientifically true and clinically proven. Their job is to determine the negligence of the surgeon and their failure to provide an adequate care to the patient.

Knee surgery expert witnesses are certified surgeons having experience in different kinds of injuries resulting out of knee surgical malpractices. They are called for providing testimony, depositions, and also to perform Independent Medical Examination if required. Getting a professional attention is mandatory because malpractice cases are highly complex and it is only a medical person who can rightly determine the problems. Also, you cannot go beyond the statute of limitations, which is the time limit within which you need to file a lawsuit. You lose the power to exercise your compensational rights if you cross this deadline.

A healthy gut is essential to ensure that your body will be able to function properly. Apart from strengthening your immune system, the health of your gut can also affect your metabolism, as well as your bowel movement. For some people, being constipated proves to be a constant challenge, which is why they need to exert an extra effort to maintain their gut health. This article lists down some of the ways how you can relieve constipation and eventually achieve a healthy gut.

Eat Foods Rich in Fibre

 One of the primary ways to help relieve constipation is by increasing your intake of foods rich in fibre such as vegetables and fruits, including figs. Studies show that there is a proven correlation between dried figs and constipation. Because dried figs are rich in fibre, you can expect to be alleviated from your constipation problems if you make it a habit to include them in your daily diet.

You can also consider barley, nuts, and seeds which are rich in soluble fibres as well as wheat bran and whole grains which are rich in insoluble fibres. Both soluble and insoluble fibres can help you when it comes to constipation. The former can soften your stool significantly while the latter can help get your stool moving.

Drink Lots of Water

Another way to help relieve constipation is by drinking lots of water. Water is a natural antioxidant that can help flush out the toxins in your body. It is also effective in softening your stool, which can be one of the primary reasons why you are experiencing constipation. As much as possible, drink at least eight glasses of water a day, or even more because this will also ensure that you are well hydrated no matter the time of day.


Exercise can also help you relieve constipation. When you move around, not only does your body produce more serotonin that can help you be in a good mood, but it also tends to get your stool moving. Even simply walking or doing a few cardio exercises can improve your digestive symptoms. Just keep in mind that rigorous exercise may not be good for you so you also need to limit the type of exercise that you do.

Take Laxatives

In case natural remedies prove to be insufficient in relieving your constipation, and you have been suffering from it for a couple of days already, then better consult your doctor. In this case, he or she may recommend a certain laxative that you can take to help ease your condition. While there are over the counter laxatives that you can try, it is still better to consult with your doctor to ensure that it will do you good rather than otherwise.

To relieve yourself from constipation, make sure that you consume foods that are rich in fibre. Alongside this, make it a habit to drink lots of water and exercise too. When all of these still prove to be insufficient, consult your doctor before resorting to laxatives. Rest assured that all these are geared towards ensuring that your bowel movement will be regulated eventually, alleviating yourself from constipation.

Research has shown some of the major benefits of cannabis products. Lighthouse brings you an experience that will enrich your life with a range of cannabis products. Lighthouse has two cannabis dispensaries in California that offer you some of the best Marijuana products. While you are willing to avail the products you have two options which include a home delivery option or visiting the outlets. This makes it easy for you to avail a range of cannabis products with unmatched quality. Lighthouse is a licensed retailer of cannabis that ensures the fact that you get a premium quality product that is curated with extreme safety and precaution. Cannabis is largely used for medical and entertainment purposes. Be it anything you will get the finest products that will add value to your cannabis buying experiences. With Lighthouse there is no scope of guesswork as the seller of the product will provide you with essential information to make sure that you get exactly the product you need.

What can you expect out of Lighthouse Cannabis?

Some several legal factors and controversies revolve around the production and selling of cannabis products. Most of the legal matter arises out of the fact that the government regulations are not being abided by. However, to avoid the complications Lighthouse Cannabis dispensary Coachella ensures a safe packaging the products. Following are some of the important factors that are being prioritized by the Lighthouse Cannabis stores:

  • Ensures responsible and legal access to the products
  • Makes the customer aware of the products and their consumption or usage process
  • Educates both new and experienced customer about cannabis
  • Ensures social responsibilities and maintains transaction within legal boundaries
  • The products are labeled clearly

While cannabis has several recreational and medicinal benefits, the right usage of the product is an important factor to be considered. The highly knowledgeable staff of the store ensure that you get all the information about the products before you buy the same. With a huge range of products in the outlet, it needs the expertise to manage the same and Lighthouse Store excel in the same.

About the palm spring outlet

Both the Coachella Dispensary and marijuana palm springs dispensary is maintained in a way where you would feel at home. The Palm Spring Dispensary is a lavish store where you get every type of product you need. The incredible range of products makes the outlet one of the most happening places for cannabis enthusiasts. If you want to know more about the products and their usage you may talk to an expert who will be happy to guide you and will let you know more about the products that you are willing to buy. Like Coachella Dispensary the Palm Spring Dispensary also holds legal license to make a safe transaction and ensure the fact that you’re provided with the best products in the market. The beautifully designed outlet North Palm Canyon Drive never disappoints you if you are a cannabis lover and want to know more about the products.


             Have you been to any health care to get your blood taken? Have you ever wondered what a common blood test detects? If so, then this article is perfect for you. It contains everything you need to know about the blood test. Basically, blood tests are a procedure that doctors used to check about what is going on inside your body. It is a test done to check for any illnesses. Besides, it is also used to observe the drug level in the body and monitor the drug’s action. If there is any issue regarding your result, doctors then will know what to do. They will base their treatment on the blood test result that has been taken.

             A blood test is usually done in a hospital or any healthcare setting. The one responsible for taking your blood will be either your doctor or a healthcare worker. Usually, you will be asked to fast if required. If not, then you can drink some water before the procedure begins. This is to make sure that your body stays hydrated. It will be harder for the doctors to find your vein, if you are dehydrated.

             During a blood test, a strap is wrapped tightly around your arm. This is to make sure your vein is visible so that it is easier to draw blood. Then, a needle will be inserted into your vein, and blood will be drawn until it is enough. People with difficulty getting their blood taken from the arm might use a different device called the ‘butterfly’. This needle will be inserted at the back of your hand instead of your arm in order to conduct the same process.

             Your blood is filled into a container and will be sent to a chemical lab for testing. How fast you will get your result will depend on the type of blood test that you took. There are some common blood tests that you need to know. These include:

  1.   Complete Blood Count (CBC)

In this test, your doctor will check a variety of blood components such as the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets, mean corpuscular volume (average size of your red blood cells) and hematocrit (how much space your red blood cells take up in the blood). Basically, a CBC test will help the doctor to check for any blood component-related diseases such as infection, inflammation, anemia, blood clotting issue or any problem with your immune system. Your doctor might order you to fast before taking this test.

  1.   Blood enzymes test

As the name suggests, this blood test will check for your enzyme level in the body. Our body produces enzymes that are crucial in making sure that our body system works perfectly. If the level is too high or too low, a further action will be taken by your doctor. You might need to undergo some other tests or might even start on an immediate treatment.

  1.   Blood clotting test

This test is also known as the coagulation panel. It checks for any protein that is responsible for making a blood clot. Any issue with these proteins will give a blood clotting disorder.

  1.   Lipoprotein panel

This test aims to check your cholesterol level. This includes low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), total cholesterol and triglyceride. Usually, it is used to check for any cholesterol-related disease such as cardiovascular disease.

  1.   Basic metabolic panel (BMP)

It measures different chemicals that are found in your blood such as electrolytes, calcium level, glucose level and also kidney’s chemicals. It is very useful in detecting any issue with the bones, muscles and organs.


             All of these tests are a typical routine check for a doctor. They will run this test first in order to detect the problem involved. After that, they will decide what is the next step needed. These can be a further test or an immediate treatment.



A free HIV screening offer without a prescription is available in this country in all medical analysis laboratories. Do not hesitate any longer and take the test! Zero new HIV infections from 2030, this is the goal that Canada has set for itself.

Where to take a HIV test?

Given the current health context and the role of biological laboratories in screening for covid-19, doctors advise you to give preference as much as possible to laboratories which do not perform covid tests or which do so only by appointment. If possible, call your local laboratory to find out how many people there are before traveling.

What Is HIV Test?

HIV Test is an offer for HIV screening free of charge and without a prescription in all laboratories in this country, on request and without an appointment. You can request a HIV Test in all medical analysis laboratories in this country, until December 31, 2020.

The test carried out by your biologist is a classic test on a perfectly reliable blood sample. Your insurance card or a social security number (including the beneficiaries of the medical assistance of the State (MEAs) will be required. The test is supported 100% by health insurance. You have nothing to pay or advance to the laboratory if you do not have health cover or if you want to take the test anonymously, specify it: a solution will be offered.

Take the HIV test!

HIV is the virus responsible for AIDS. It is spread through blood and sex. The only way to know if you are infected with home std test. It is therefore strongly recommended if you have never done so. Some events are good opportunities to take the test:

  • Start or stop a romantic relationship
  • Decide not to use a condom anymore
  • Returning from a trip during which you had casual relationships
  • Have the project to conceive a child
  • Think you have been exposed to the virus
  • Have an STI (sexually transmitted infection)
  • Have flu-like symptoms outside of flu epidemics

It may be necessary to repeat the test regularly:

  • At least once a year if you have casual partners
  • Every three months if you don’t consistently use condoms with your casual partners
  • Every three months if you are male and have sex with other men

If Your Test Is Negative

A negative test means that you are not infected with HIV if your last unprotected sex was more than six weeks old. If not, repeat the test in a month and a half to check the result.

If your last unprotected sex was less than 48 hours ago, go to the emergency room of a hospital where emergency preventive treatment can be considered. If you have casual sex partners, get tested regularly. To think about it, you can create an alert on or schedule a reminder on your phone.

Choosing your protection against HIV

Condoms provide effective protection against HIV and sexually transmitted infections. They are also a good method of contraception and can be reimbursed with a prescription. PrEP is a drug that protects against HIV. It can be prescribed to HIV negative people depending on their level of exposure.