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The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in medicine is one of the most important modern trends in world healthcare. AI technologies are radically transforming the global healthcare system, enabling to radically redesign the system of medical diagnostics, the development of new drugs, and generally improve the quality of healthcare services while decreasing the costs for medical clinics.

 How artificial intelligence can help doctors?

The potential of AI technologies in medicine cannot be overestimated. Neural networks are already improving the quality of medical services, increasing the efficiency of diagnostics due to the ability to work with large amounts of data.

For example, AI-powered medical chat bots help with many tasks. The service collects complaints from patients and, given the indicated symptoms, can advise on medications or make an appointment with a doctor. The collected information goes to a medical specialist who will be able to more effectively conduct the first consultation and provide the necessary assistance to the patient much faster.

AI programs are also used in X-ray analysis and drug development. Semantic Hub recently created an artificial intelligence service to assess the potential of medicines before they are released to market. The algorithm collects and analyzes scientific publications related to the disease, the purpose and action of the drug being developed. Then the AI ​​analyzes the information and makes a conclusion about the competitive advantages of the drug and the possibilities of its promotion on the market.

What are the advantages of AI in Healthcare?

AI healthcare technology improves productivity by automating tasks and can assist clinicians with quick, proper diagnoses and treatment. AI digital triage in radiology can decrease the compute time needed to create images. In population health, machine learning can better identify the likelihood of hospital readmission. Artificial intelligence in healthcare development can point to the development of new medicines. It can also make it possible to ingest data from various sources, such as medical records and important signs, and identify patterns that are hard for humans to spot.

Klinik’s technology can recognize the primary health problem, identify its urgency, and direct the patient to the right point of care in a timely, cost-effective way. AI digital triage also gives important background information for healthcare experts, enabling them to begin any medical treatment as soon as possible.

Although first aid training is a mandatory part of the education of future drivers, the time spent on this preparation is too short. Most drivers who have had a driving license for many years had this element on the course once and never refreshed this knowledge again. Already 6 months after the training, we forget the basics of erste hilfe kurs, not to mention the cyclically changing guidelines.

Car first aid kit

This is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of first aid in a traffic accident. Without the basic equipment, which is a first aid kit, your actions will be difficult or even impossible. Of course, you can use the knowledge gained in erste hilfe kurs moosach. But we guarantee you that a traffic accident suggests many problems that you must face as a first-aid driver. The mechanics of the traffic accident “does its job”, and the injuries that you will deal with are considerable.

What first aid kit for your car?

We can say that a traffic accident is a “big mess” and a lot of activities to be performed. Injuries to victims of such accidents are almost always multi-organ injuries – many ‘problems’ to be solved in a short time. Simultaneous hemorrhages, fractures, external and internal injuries. All this should be multiplied by the number of injured people. A car first aid kit should be properly equipped. In erste hilfe führerschein, students learn to use the first aid kit correctly.

As drivers, we are most interested in the DIN 13164 standard, which defines, among other things, the equipment of first aid kits used in the conditions of a road accident. DIN 13164 PLUS (+) denotes additional elements added to the basic composition of the first aid kit, most often in the form of a mouthpiece/face cloth for providing emergency rescue breaths during CPR, i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Individuals may find their loved one needs more care than they can provide at home. When this time comes, they begin researching nursing homes. Take care when doing so, as the goal is to find a reputable facility that will provide the same level of care loved ones would provide for this person. Many people never research nursing homes until their loved one needs immediate care. They then choose a facility without thoroughly researching it to secure their spot. It’s best to take these steps before the home is needed to avoid issues.

Visit the Homes

People need to visit nursing homes rather than relying on information found online. Certain homes lack the staff needed to properly care for residents, while others serve meals that aren’t healthy for older adults. Infections run rampant in certain facilities and some places barely pass mandatory inspections. Once the loved one moves in, family members and friends quickly see these issues and may be forced to move the individual to a better facility. This can be avoided by conducting research on available facilities before one is needed.

Look at More Than the Decor

Don’t choose a facility based solely on appearance. Fancy decor or a high price tag aren’t indicators of quality care when it comes to these facilities. Safe care must be the priority regardless of the cost or the decor. Make this the most important factor when deciding to ensure your family member is treated properly at all times.

Financial Assistance

Medicare doesn’t pay for care in a nursing home unless certain criteria are met. A doctor must order this care, and the patient or their family must learn how many days their insurance will cover the stay. For instance, original Medicare only covers up to 100 days in a facility to this type, and other conditions must be met. To qualify for a second stay in a nursing home, there must be a 60-day break between admissions. Patients have the option of paying for the care out of their own pocket or attempt to qualify for Medicaid.


Read reviews of each nursing home before making a choice. When reading Medicare reviews, don’t simply look at the star rating. Families have learned certain facilities were given five stars even when they received only one or two stars in the area of staffing levels. These levels play a significant role in the quality of the facility. On the other hand, a home may receive one star but receive five stars when it comes to staffing. Good nursing homes fill up quickly, so it’s best not to wait if a spot comes up in one of these homes.

Don’t rush through the process of choosing a nursing home for a loved one. They deserve the best care possible. When you can no longer provide this care, find someone who will. The Geoff Fraser Nursing Home is one that should never be overlooked. Here people find their family members are treated well. Staff members care for them as if they were part of their own family and that’s anyone can ask for in this situation.

R&D means research and development. It is defined as any project that tends to resolve any technological or scientific uncertainty at achieving an advance in science or technology. The one who is working under r&d pharma is termed to be scientists. They create new technology, products or services that they use or sell. They require more responsibilities and knowledge to achieve an advance in science and technology. Every year billions of money are spent under R&D. Those who are working under R&D should have more experience and knowledge about their field.

Qualification required for one to join R&D pharma industry

Pharma is a diverse field. A post-graduation in the specific area is necessary. Formulation R&D exclusively requires M.pharm candidates.

Understanding pharmaceutical research

The medical researchers are constantly trying to find some new medicines for better ways to treat the illness. They try to discover something new that may be helpful for the public and it cannot be directly put in use until it has been properly tested.

Phases under pharmaceutical research

To ensure whether the product is safe and effective in treating the diseases the pharmaceutical companies undergo a series of phases. There are three phases involved in this process. Occasionally phase 0 is carried out before phase 1and phase 4 is done after the drug is approved and is launched in the market.

Phase 0

Phase 0 is known as human micro-dose studies. It involves only a small group of participants who will be given a low, sub-therapeutic dose of the drug. Some pharmaceutical industries skip this phase and move on to phase1.

Phase 1

This stage involves a larger number of participants when compared to that of phase 0. It is the first full human study that the drug will be subject to. The safety of the participants is mainly focused on. For Phase 1 the healthy volunteers and the patients with the indicated disease are mostly preferred and the capacity of the drug is tested in them.

Phase 2

If the drug is tolerated in phase1 then it progresses to the next phase. In this phase, the number of patients has increased once again. The drug is given to the participants. During this phase, the researchers can pinpoint the side effects of the drug. Similarly, the safety of the participants is important and continues the assessments from the previous studies.

Phase 3

Phase 3 differs from phase 1 and phase 2. They concentrate more on discovering the efficacy of the drug. The phase 3 trials can be divided into two sub-stages- phase 3A and Phase 3B. When phase 3A is completed the drug manufacturers often apply for approval meanwhile they undertake phase 3B studies to obtain further safety data and further data about the drug.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is also known as a post-marketing surveillance trial. After the approval from national regulatory authorities, the drugs continue in the trial process and enter phase 4. This phase provides an opportunity for researchers to know more about the risks and benefits.

Thus r&d pharma produces more drugs for the sake of curing and preventing diseases most safely and possibly. They also see the safety, compliance, and efficiency while manufacturing medicines.


Women spend a substantial amount of money on healthcare compared to men. It is estimated that a 65-year-old woman will pay 20% more for healthcare throughout retirement compared to a 65-year-old man, according to a HealthView Service study. The main reason senior women pay more for healthcare is that they tend to live longer than men. It is expected for a woman to live 2.3 years longer than a man, according to Social Security’s website.

Since women live longer than men, women should plan differently for Medicare. Medicare is America’s healthcare system for seniors aged 65 or older or for people with specific disabilities. Women’s bodies consistently evolve, and preventative checkups are essential as the percentage of breast cancer and osteoporosis increase as you age. Here is why women should plan differently for Medicare.

Medicare and breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women, according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC). Medicare is a big advocate for screenings and preventative services.  A preventive service that helps detect breast cancer is a mammogram exam, a low energy x-ray of the breast.

Medicare Part B (outpatient coverage) covers a mammogram exam at 100% once per year. If the doctor were to find something during your exam, it would be considered a diagnostic test. After you have met the deductible, you would pay a 20% coinsurance for a diagnostic mammogram exam. However, if you have a Medigap plan, your plan will likely pick up the coinsurance cost.

If you have a mastectomy, Medicare Part A (inpatient coverage) covers surgically implanted breast prostheses if the procedure takes place in an inpatient facility. However, Part B will cover the surgery if it takes place in an outpatient setting. With that said, Part B covers some external breast prostheses and a post-surgical bra after a mastectomy.

Menopause and Medicare

Women typically begin to experience menopause around age 50. Menopause is a natural decline in the production of reproductive hormones. What this means is your body is producing a drastically smaller number of hormones. Symptoms of menopause consist of hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and vaginal dryness.

Medicare covers hormone replacement therapy for menopause, which is used to treat menopausal symptoms. The treatment replaces the hormones that stop producing during menopause, which will ease the symptoms as well.

Hormone replacement drugs come in the form of a pill, cream, and patch, as well as a vaginal ring. Your doctor may recommend one over the other. With that said, Medicare Part B may cover the vaginal ring for hormone replacement therapy if the doctor deems the treatment medically necessary. If you receive the treatment in the form of a pill or cream, Medicare will not cover it, considering Medicare does not cover prescriptions.

Hormone replacement therapy via pill or cream will be covered by Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage). However, each Part D plan has a different list of prescriptions they cover. If your doctor prescribes you a particular hormone replacement therapy drug, you will want to ensure that your Part D plan has that needed drug listed on the plan’s formulary.

Now, hormone replacement therapy can also reduce the possibility of developing osteoporosis.

Women with osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that makes your bones weak and fragile. Many senior women have no signs of osteoporosis until they have a bone fracture. Bone density tests can detect a decrease in your bone density and determine if you are at risk of fractures. Medicare Part B covers a bone density test once every 24 months if you meet a set of qualifying conditions.

There are injectable drugs for osteoporosis that Medicare Part A and Part B will cover. You can also have a home health nurse come to your home and inject you with the medication if you meet these conditions:

  • You have Part B and meet the home health services criteria
  • You have a bone fracture that is related to postmenopausal osteoporosis
  • You’re a woman
  • Your doctor declares that you and a family member are unable to give you the injectable drug.

You will not have any out-of-pocket costs for a home health nurse to visit your home. However, you must meet the Part B deductible and pay coinsurance for the injection’s Medicare-approved amount.


Women must look at Medicare differently as their bodies consistently evolve throughout their lives, and health conditions can arise. As you age, know that Medicare covers any service that is deemed medically necessary from a physician. For more information on Medicare coverage, contact a trusted Medicare broker, or visit

With so many different diets available today, it can be difficult to know which one to use when weight loss is the goal. While the most popular diets focus on removing excess calories from the dieter’s diet by reducing intake, this isn’t always enough to shed unwanted pounds. Fortunately, there are alternatives for those looking to lose weight without resorting to fad diets that might not work.

Not everyone should use a diet to lose weight. Some illnesses could put someone at risk of developing serious health complications if they are using diet to lose weight. That is why dieting should only be done when the diet plan is medically safe for the person. That is not to say that you should avoid using the best diet plans because you might end up having problems.

Diet programs work by eliminating excessive carbohydrates and increased protein. They also limit the number of calories consumed and the amount of water consumed. By limiting food groups, the diet plans force your body to burn stored fat instead of just eating to replace the calories. In turn, your body burns more calories to produce more energy.

There are several different types of diet plans and each diet has its own set of benefits. Your doctor can help you decide which type of diet would be best for you. Below is an overview of the diet plans.

Bests Diet Plans

A low calorie diet. This diet requires the dieter to consume fewer calories per day than the maximum allowed on their diet plan. The goal is to gradually reduce calories to achieve your goal weight, and the dieter must continue to stay within the maximum daily calorie allowance for dieting.

A moderate calorie diet. In a moderate calorie diet, the dieter may be allowed to eat higher amounts of calories than they normally would, provided that they do not exceed the recommended caloric intake limit. Ina moderate calorie diet, the dieter would have to restrict their calorie intake but may not have to totally cut it out.

A strict diet. In a strict diet, the dieter is allowed to consume unlimited amounts of calories without regard to how much he or she actually needs. The dieter must adhere to the diet and does not allow any outside food.

A low carbohydrate diet. In a low carbohydrate diet, the dieter is allowed to eat high amounts of carbohydrates, but the dieter must still consume the required amount of calories. This is a weight loss diet that helps the dieter lose weight in a safe way.

A low protein diet. In a low protein diet, the dieter is allowed to eat high amounts of protein, but the dieter must still consume the required amount of calories. In a low protein diet, the dieter must follow a strict regimen and cannot consume any foods that are high in protein.

Food to Avoid To Lose Weight

Losing weight requires that the dieter avoid the foods that could be harmful to their health. As a result, the best weight loss diet plans must ensure that the dieter takes in only the right amount of calories while avoiding the foods that might be harmful to their health.

To get started on a healthy diet plan, there are several things to consider. One, you should make sure that you will be following a strict diet, but two, you should know what foods to stay away from, which is where the best weight loss diet plans can come in handy. A good diet to consider would be a custom keto diet.


One of the most important things you can do is make sure that you are staying on track with your diet. You should choose a diet plan based on your personal preferences, as well as knowing the foods that you should stay away from.

To lead a healthy life one must follow some strict protocols and health plans. One of the most important factors that people tend to ignore in most cases is that a healthy diet plan is very necessary to lead a healthy life. In modern diet plans however many important foods are not included. One of these important foods which has great potential to improve one’s health but is ignored in regular diet, is nuts. Nuts are natural source of many important nutritional elements like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, good cholesterol, etc. Some of the varieties of nuts even have the ability to improve health in some severe conditions such as constipation, low sperm count, etc. Thus it is very important that nuts are included in the regular diet of people.

The health benefits of hazelnuts and their nutritional elements

Hazelnuts are one of the healthiest varieties of nuts currently available in the market. Hazelnuts have high amounts of dietary fibers which help in maintaining gut microbes and improve bowel movements which in turn are helpful for constipation patients. It has been reported that hazelnuts help in developing brain in children during their early years. Hazelnuts are also very helpful in reducing risks of developing type 2 diabetes. Hazelnuts have been reported to have good effects on heart.

The special benefit of consuming hazelnut

Apart from the benefits mentioned above hazelnut has a special ability that no other type of nut can provide. It has been recorded that consumption of hazelnuts improves sperm count in men. And it has also been proven in recent years that hazelnut also helps to improve the quality of sperms. It is thus very much helpful for men who face problems on their sperm count as well as sperm quality.

Order good quality hazelnuts in bulk from reputed online vendor

Now if you want to buy hazelnuts after considering all the health benefits mentioned above then there is one small thing you can do. You can buy hazelnuts in wholesale. Now buying wholesale hazelnuts may not seem a very good idea at first but if you actually compare the pricings you will find that wholesale hazelnuts are cheaper. You can not only buy it for your own use but you can buy it in wholesale and then distribute it amongst your extended family and friends. Large bulks of hazelnuts are also a good option if you are to serve them in a party or gathering. However, you should find a good vendor like the nut shop who are offering bulk orders on different types of nuts on online platforms of their respective brands. So if you are to buy wholesale hazelnuts make sure to find a good online vendor.

Protein is a big help in the human body. It will serve as the main source of fuel in the human body. Plus, it is one of the building blocks in the body tissues. The fact that it serves as a source of fuel in the human body, it provides much energy. So, it is a perfect nutrient that supports the body’s needs, especially for those having daily workouts. Both men and women that go into the gym usually take energy drinks. For them, it helps them to handle the tolerance of body pain. Thus, these people follow a proper diet while at the same performs daily exercises. But, it doesn’t end up there. Food supplements will be taken to help achieve their fitness goals. So, what supplement it would be and how does it provide great help in the human body?

Fast digesting supplement

Men and women are very meticulous when it comes to fitness goals. For them, They should find the right supplement to support their fitness journey. Aside from following a healthy diet plan, they also look for a food supplement. Tons of food supplements are available in the world market. These drink and food supplements can be from fish oil, vegetable, and all-natural products. The whey protein isolate will be the perfect supplement, which is very stomach-friendly. It is easy to digest and guarantees to provide protein in the human body. Protein helps to build muscle mass. So, it made this fast-digesting supplement a perfect combination for their daily workout and dietary plan.

Perfect for sports nutrition

If you have been a sports-minded individual and you need to have a drink or food supplement that supports your activities. You have this fast digest supplement powder to mix up on your drinks. So, by the time you go on your sports, you are not ready to make out most of your performances. There is no need to worry about your drink since the low fat and carbohydrates supplement can provide a protein-rich powder on the drink. So, it keeps you hydrated while at the same time helps the muscles.

Flavored protein supplement

The fact that supplements have been around in the market. Many of these products are manufactured and made from various ingredients. Some of them are made from all-natural plants, fish oil, etc. But, there is only one of them that is rising, which is the whey protein isolate. It is a powder-made supplement an all-natural plant. So, there is no harm nor risky to the health of the user. Plus, what makes the supplement more interesting is its flavorful powder. So, it can make your drink tasted like banana, chocolate, vanilla, and the natural flavor. Whichever flavor you choose, it provides the same benefits yet differs in the taste, still, it gives the same result.

Intestinal inflammation is a very wide group of diseases, manifested by digestive disorders and a number of associated symptoms. May include the small and large intestines and often affect the entire lower gastrointestinal tract.

In an acute inflammatory condition that lasts for a long time, there are signs of a general weakening of the body.

Bowel inflammation most often occurs after the ingestion of toxic substances, usually toxins, bacteria, fungi, or chemicals. There is also an inflammation of the intestine associated with other causes – an auto immunological basis.

Travelling with IBD

For people with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, the thought of traveling can be very difficult, but with a responsible and conscientious approach to travel preparation, there is no reason to deny you the pleasure of seeing the world in its vibrant diversity.

People with inflammatory bowel disease are at two main risks when travelling:

  • Recurrence or exacerbation of IBD due to gastrointestinal infections caused by dietary changes, unstable medication, or lack of access to essential medications
  • Acquisition of infectious diseases in developing countries. In countries where there is a high risk of infectious diseases due to immunodeficiency in people with IBD.

So, thinking about travelling with IBD? Planning your travel wisely and carefully can help you decrease the risk of travel complications. The information below will help you prepare for your trip.

Travel preparation

You should follow the below-mentioned points before plan travelling with IBD:

  • The remission period is the most suitable time for your journey. It is at this time that the risk of a relapse during the trip is significantly reduced and the costs of medical insurance are reduced.
  • Make sure you check your health insurance. It is important that treatment for inflammatory bowel disease is included in your policy.
  • Get your medical history and medication list from your healthcare provider.
  • Consider if you need additional vaccinations before your trip? In some cases, it takes up to 8 weeks for vaccinations before travel, so plan your visit to the clinic well in advance. It is possible that the drugs you are taking are contraindicated during vaccination.
  • Make sure you take enough medication.
  • Always bring sunscreen cosmetics with you. A number of drugs, such as azathioprine or mercaptopurine, used in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), make the skin more sensitive and prone to skin cancers.
  • Some medicines require low-temperature storage. Check if your apartment has a refrigerator.
  • Choose a home that meets all your requirements. Find out more about the bathroom.
  • Sometimes stress or anxiety is the cause of an exacerbation of the disease, so try to prevent all possible stressful situations before traveling. A busy program is not always the best travel option, as fatigue may make you unable to truly enjoy your vacation.
  • Traveling as a group or traveling on your own? Maybe getting a tour will save you time and effort when booking your trip. What’s more, a tour team leader can help you locate health centers if needed.
  • A business trip abroad? When working in developing countries, be aware that you may be at risk of certain infections. Be sure to consult your doctor.
  • Depending on the transport:
  • When traveling by bus, make sure the vehicle is equipped with a toilet. This is especially necessary when traveling long distances.
  • Take an aisle seat if possible
  • If the airline or transport carrier has the opportunity to provide a special menu, then be sure to use this service.

Inflammatory bowel disease shouldn’t get in the way of your dreams! By sharing your impressions of your trip, you can inspire others to do the same.

Are you a busy mother? Workaholic? Most women often miss the skincare routine. Occasional skin treatment does not suffice for healthy skin. Not just skin, your skin condition does affect the overall health. A good religiously followed skincare routine imparts more benefits to your health than you ever think. Having said that skincare products do not have to be expensive. Choosing the right skincare products for your skin type and the ingredients used in those products matters the most. Let’s learn how to have a skincare routine that is practical and effective.

Four important steps in a typical skincare routine:

  1. Cleansing the skin: Skin is often exposed to harsh chemicals that are used in makeup, grimes, pollution from the environment. Regular exposure to these might cost skin damage or premature ageing. It is important to remove them all with a good cleanser.
  • How to choose: Cleansers come in various forms. It ought to be used according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, cleansers in the form of gel or lotion work well. If you have sensitive or dry skin, heavy cream or oil-based cleansers work for you. So it’s essential not to miss to go through the ingredients behind the products before buying them.
  • How to use: Many complain their cleansers do not work as expected. The way of using the cleanser can be the issue there. You must activate the ingredients in the cleanser by emulsifying it on your skin. Massaging the cleanser for about 2 minutes is essential to acquire the results. Washing off the cleanser without leaving any residue is also important as it may cause breakouts.
  1. Toning the skin: Toning is like an appetizer for your skincare remedy. It does prep your skin and hydrate your skin and also balances the pH level of your skin. Toners come with different ingredients and serve various purposes.
  • Toners with exfoliating acids like salicylic acid or BHA- Beta Hydroxy Acid gently exfoliate your skin. Toners with the element AHA- Alpha Hydroxy Acid brightens the skin and treats hyperpigmentation.
  • You may still find it difficult to choose the right toner for your skin problem, so it is advised for skin care advice from trained specialists, contact The Skin Care Clinic.
  1. Moisturizer: Moisturizing your skin is also an important step that is done right after toning your skin. Moisturizers help to retain the moisture and help in reversing the age to a great extent.
  • An interesting fact is that natural factors like genes determine only 25% of ageing. The remaining 75% completely rests in your hands and how well you take care of your skin. Moisturizing is the one process to slow down the ageing process and reduces the fineness of your wrinkle if already developed.
  • Beauty professionals advise us to use moisturizers with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid works like a magnet that attracts the water molecules from the environment and instantly gives the natural plump to your skin.
  1. Applying sunscreens: Ozone depletion has increased the risk of skin damage due to the harmful UV sun rays. Sunscreens block the harmful sun rays from causing damage to the skin. Sunscreens protect your skin, lower the risk of getting skin cancer, prevent premature ageing, and help to maintain even skin tone.
  • You must apply sunscreen irrespective of the season; the sun can cause damage even on a cold rainy day. It is a best practice to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you step out of your home.
  • Sunscreens with any of these ingredients serve the purpose well: Zinc oxide, ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium oxide, sulisobenzone. Make sure that you find a sunscreen that contains any of these ingredients.


A good skin gives you that confidence and also aids the overall health. A good amount of water intake and a religiously followed skincare routine with the right and quality products can offer flawless and healthy skin.