It is believed that water is necessary, but breathing is much more essential than anything. It is observed that the human body can survive without food and water for about three consecutive days, but without breathing, he cannot live for a single minute. Breathing is such an essential thing in one’s life. Thus, whenever we find any difficulties in the respiratory system, we need to go for a doctor’s visit. Pranayama is also that power that is often derived from the breathing sensation. Different types of Pranayama are being used to treat various body-related issues like blood pressure, asthma, etc.

Even now, when we suffer from mind and body exertion, different types of pranayama techniques are often used; some of them are as follows:

  1. Belly breathing: According to the experts, belly breathing is the type of Pranayama that generally maintains the work of our respiratory system. It is believed that practicing Pranayama often leads to improving our posture. This practice of Pranayama often enhances our breathing that comes to form the deep diaphragms, which are often designed to deliver oxygen to every part of our body cell and tend to relax our body and hence provide us relief from the stress.
  2. Nadi shodhana: Nadi shodhana, or the alternative nose breathing, is the type of Pranayama that often tends to relax our mind and body and hence also ensure calming down our mind from anxiety. The experts found that you need to take specific deep breaths to calm down your mind and relax the muscles whenever you are suffering from severe anxiety. Similarly, in Pranayama, one needs to use their alternative nose breathing as it often focuses on relaxing our mind and body and helping us to get rid of the severe anxiety.
  3. Ujjayi inhalation: according to the experts, certain human emotions like frustration, anger, etc., result from the state of our mind. During the said situation, one needs to take a deep and long breath to calm himself and get a cooling effect. Ujjayi inhalation is that type of Pranayama that is often used as a cooling agent during our anger or frustration or even avoidance. This inhibition process is often used to settle down the thoughts and the mind and help us stay calm and cool in any situation.
  4. Bhastrika pranayama: More inhalation of oxygen often leads to an increase in the body’s oxygen level. These types of Pranayama are usually focused on preventing slanginess and promoting energy/ it also helps individuals avoid the suffering of breathing shortness. You can also visit Walk In Clinic Mississauga for the Shortness of breath, team of physicians at the walk-in clinic will assess the patient’s condition and provide treatment accordingly. 
  5. The kumbhaka pranayama: It is another type of Pranayama that is often used to provide relief from stress, and not only that, it also helps to enhance the condition of the heart rate and provide relief from the breathing shortness. According to experts, stress is the most dangerous thing that affects our health and affects our mind. Whenever we are in such a situation, Pranayama is the most effective medicine.

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