Although first aid training is a mandatory part of the education of future drivers, the time spent on this preparation is too short. Most drivers who have had a driving license for many years had this element on the course once and never refreshed this knowledge again. Already 6 months after the training, we forget the basics of erste hilfe kurs, not to mention the cyclically changing guidelines.

Car first aid kit

This is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of first aid in a traffic accident. Without the basic equipment, which is a first aid kit, your actions will be difficult or even impossible. Of course, you can use the knowledge gained in erste hilfe kurs moosach. But we guarantee you that a traffic accident suggests many problems that you must face as a first-aid driver. The mechanics of the traffic accident “does its job”, and the injuries that you will deal with are considerable.

What first aid kit for your car?

We can say that a traffic accident is a “big mess” and a lot of activities to be performed. Injuries to victims of such accidents are almost always multi-organ injuries – many ‘problems’ to be solved in a short time. Simultaneous hemorrhages, fractures, external and internal injuries. All this should be multiplied by the number of injured people. A car first aid kit should be properly equipped. In erste hilfe führerschein, students learn to use the first aid kit correctly.

As drivers, we are most interested in the DIN 13164 standard, which defines, among other things, the equipment of first aid kits used in the conditions of a road accident. DIN 13164 PLUS (+) denotes additional elements added to the basic composition of the first aid kit, most often in the form of a mouthpiece/face cloth for providing emergency rescue breaths during CPR, i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation.