Time and tide wait for no one. Life progresses every day at a faster pace, and we must utilise each moment of our lives. Would you like to know the secret of the anti-ageing process? The secret is not going back in time, but you can regain your youthful years by doing some life-changing exercises. Various studies and research have proven that exercise can help you slow down the ageing process. Isn’t that fascinating? The most typical and common exercises are walking, running, or cycling. While these are proven to be quite effective, they are mostly renowned for keeping your heart, lungs, and other vital organs in perfect shape. They do not help you slow down the ageing process. Exercise that can build up your muscles and strength is the secret key to the anti-ageing process. Have a look at Aging gracefully with fitness


Strength training is universal, it is not limited to only women over 50. But it becomes extremely vital for women crossing the age of 50 because their health and body start deteriorating. Their priority is being healthy and fit rather than looking good.  Strength training is useful in the ways listed under:

  • ENHANCES BONE DENSITY: As your body ages, the healing process slows down. If you broke your bones at the age of 5, it heals much faster. But if your bones break at the age of 50, the intensity and consequences are much deeper than when you were 5 years old. Strength training assists you with your healing process.
  • INCREASES MUSCULAR MASS: This does not mean you will get ripped overnight. Strength training provides the ability to lift heavy bags without asking for help and you will pull yourself up if you slip and fall.
  • HELPS TO REDUCE BODY FAT: A lot of body fat can never be good regardless of what age you are. Ideal body weight is crucial if you must fight against the various diseases that follow the ageing process.
  • BOOSTS YOUR MENTAL HEALTH: As you age, your body slows down, and you will start losing confidence, which results in contracting various mental health diseases like depression, anxiety, panic attacks etc. Strength training makes you feel good about yourself every day and lifts your spirits.
  • REDUCES CHRONIC DISEASES: Strength training lowers the risk of a plethora of deadly diseases like arthritis, diabetes, obesity and many more.

Strength training is an investment. You can notice significant ageing changes in your body in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. Therefore, here are some exercises that ladies over 50 can focus on throughout their workouts are included in the following programme:

  1. Simple squat.
  2. chest fly with a stability ball.
  3. triceps kickback with a stability ball.
  4. Plank using the forearms.
  5. altered push-ups.

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