Career as a makeup artist is full of fun and glamorous. They can always get associated with movie stars, celebrities, business leaders and top executive while grooming their up before a movie shoot or interview. Besides, this is a very lucrative career option. True talents get placements in celebrated beauty salons or start their own business of exclusive skincare treatments, hairstyling, body sculpting, laser treatments, Botox clinics and more.

Here we have handpicked the top 4 lucrative career choices where students after completing their short makeup courses can easily get a satisfying job.

  • The Entertainment Industry-Movies-Television

If you have all the potentials to make the celebrities look beautiful in front of the camera; the entertainment industry such as movies, and TVs is your ultimate destination. With all your creative talents and your knowledge from the makeup courses that you have attended, make these people look picture-perfect in front of the camera. Apart from the movie stars, you can work as a makeup artist and hairstylist for the newsreaders on the TV, anchors, etc.

  • Live performances and Theatre

Theatre artists also hire makeup artists and hairstylists for their performances. Show your best abilities by making their faces look similar to the character they are portraying. Besides, the stylists have great job opportunities during live performances such as rock concerts, carnivals, award shows, reality show finales, any gala performances of a solo artist, and so on. Good and reputed makeup artists always get hired during such events for their series of excellent work so far.

  • Joining the Music Industry

Here also you will get an opportunity to prepare the music sensations before their live performances, video shootings. Being a makeup artist and hair stylist, you will have the job to make the celebrities look hot and happening for the best photo or video shoot.

Like celebrities, many men and women always try their best to stay in shape and look young forever. Though the Fountain of Youth is still is a myth, the magic can happen with a Body contouring device, laser hair removal services, chemical peeling and various other advanced beauty treatments. Get trained in any of these advanced beauty courses for the best career opportunities