CBD oil is a hemp-derived extract that is extremely safe and beneficial. How did CBD oil become so popular so quickly? The answer to that question can be found among the families that fought for their children’s right to safe, effective, and natural treatments. This article highlights the benefits of CBD for children and addresses some of the most common concerns parents have about administering CBD to their children.

How CBD Oil Became So Popular With Kids

The most well-known tale of how CBD became popular is that of Charlotte, a young girl from Colorado who suffers from a severe form of pediatric epilepsy. CBD research has shown that the oil extracted from hemp flowers can help children with epilepsy, but state and federal regulations maintain that it has no therapeutic value.

Charlotte’s family decided to produce and make their own CBD oil to help their daughter with her seizures. Her parents offered her a better quality of life, even though her illness was too much for her and she passed away after her tale went viral.


As more families with epileptic children across the state and country found the safety and usefulness of CBD oil, a grassroots movement grew to demand that it be legalized. Thousands of families have followed Charlotte’s lead and produced their own CBD success tales. CBD oil has risen to the forefront of innovative therapies decades later. All of this is due to parents’ love for their children.

Is CBD Oil Advisable for Children?

CBD hemp flower oil has an extremely high safety profile. It is non-toxic and non-intoxicating. This means you can’t overdose lethally, and it doesn’t have the same psychedelic and euphoric effects on coordination and cognition as marijuana.

It’s also crucial to know the difference between CBD derived from hemp and THC-containing cannabis or marijuana. THC is not poisonous or fatal, but it is euphoric. CBD, unlike THC, does not cause physical dependence. Always check independent third-party lab findings of any CBD products before providing them to children to ensure you know exactly what’s in them.

CBD Oil’s Risks for Children

CBD oil is sold as a non-prescription health supplement with few restrictions. The most crucial step in delivering CBD to children is to evaluate all CBD products for purity and strength.

The adverse effects of CBD, according to Health Harvard, are infrequent and include nausea, lethargy, and irritability. CBD oil, like grapefruit juice, affects how the body metabolizes certain medicines, such as blood thinners.

Furthermore, more research is needed on the long-term effects of CBD oil, particularly for adolescent children. We just do not have the long-term study required to tell whether or not there is any harm in giving CBD to children because CBD has been illegal and forbidden for so long.

CBD is legally lawful in all 50 US states, and most states allow CBD oil to be purchased and sold; however, giving THC to a kid is always banned. Have troubles sleeping? Get the best cbd oil for sleep here.