The year 2020 has taught the people a lot. And, mainly people were taught the necessities of personal hygiene and the implications of not maintaining one. It has taught people to change their lifestyle upside down, by remaining cautious always and protecting ourselves. Keeping in mind the necessity of masks and face shields, the value of hand hygiene is also noteworthy. And, hand sanitizers have proven to be the best alternative to soap-washes to maintain hand hygiene. According to experts, the need of the sanitizers and contactless dispensers are not likely to go out of demand even when the pandemic ends. This is because nearly 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch and about 50% of foodborne illnesses arise from unclean hand usage.

How did the Contactless Sanitizers Become Essential?

Due to the unavailability of water everywhere, 1 out of 5 people skips hand washes. They found the solution to be hand sanitizers. The alcohol-based products help in killing the germs on hand, hence maintaining health and hygiene. Consequently, private places like schools, offices, or other public places like restaurants and malls are making sanitization a mandate.

Role of Contactless Dispensers

The pre-pandemic did not see the hand sanitizer dispensers to be so important. It was in lesser use, restricted only to medical facilities. Most of the people didn’t find it a necessity, but as the situations are changing, the installation of dispensers is seen more or less everywhere. These are used more often to help break the infection chain of the COVID, as lesser the contact, the safer the people are.

Features of the Dispensers

‘Going Touchless’ in every sphere has also made dispensing go touchless too. The ‘No Touch Policy’ everywhere is seeing industries embracing innovation in a way that would promote safety. These dispensers going touchless come with a few features like:

  • Sensory dispensable, requiring no human touch
  • Durable and sturdy machine body
  • Dispenses the right quantity required for use
  • Hygienic; negates all human touch
  • Requires less or almost no maintenance
  • Stylish and modern appearances that suit all décor

The rise in the cases of COVID saw governments and private innovators joining hands to provide the best possible solutions to curtail the spread. Such innovations from ÖVO Labs saw the birth of one of a kind touchless automatic sanitizer dispenser that marks you safe at any cost.