Drug abuse not only affects the user, immediately family or friends but also the society. These effects cut across health, families, environment, workplace and the level of crime.

It is for this reason that we need to be aware of how drugs affect the society in detail. This way we will be in a better place to prevent abuse of drugs and this prevention will have a ripple effect on the entire society and community.

Rise Recovery Services, leading drug recovery centre in Austin, has compiled five main ways in which drug abuse and drug addiction affects the society at large.

Health and Well being

Drug abuse stimulates a brain hormone known, whereas the hormone is normal, continuous drug abuse may develop dependency on drugs for their emotions and productivity. Continuous use of the drugs automatically creates a condition known as anhedonia because of the general lack of desire to do things.

Some of the others drugs causes breathing problems and chronic heart illnesses. Overall, drugs can cause low life expectancy rates in a society


The society is made of several families and when families suffer, the entire society is affected. When one family member is into drug addiction, the immediate family suffers. For example, is a teenager who is into drugs their education is affected.

Further, their dreams and aspirations in life also suffers. When several families have a drug addict around them, the entire society is affected because a generation maybe lost to drug abuse and addiction.  This also means that the society has to set up a drug treatment centre to help the affected members.

Productivity at the Workplace

Drug abuse reduces productivity at work. Research shows that people who use drugs stand more chances of missing work at an average of 24.6 days in a year in comparison to those who do not use drugs.

This means that drug addicts are not as productive and as reliable in comparison to the others. What this means in a society is that less population is productive and is generating income.

Crime Levels

There is a very close relationship between drug abuse and crime levels in a society. When a drug addict is not able to get finances, they are likely to steal or get into robbery just to raise money.

This has the overall effect of increasing insecurity is a society where most youths are into drugs.

Environmental effects

Production and consumption of drugs has various effects such as pollution, loss of biodiversity, carbon emissions etc. Those who also grow drugs tend to change land from planting food crops to drugs such as marijuana and cocaine that bring soil pollution because of toxins. This affects the environment and productivity of the soil thus bringing challenges in food supply to the society.

In conclusion, good parenting and close supervision of children, teens and youths have the positive effect of reducing the adverse effects of drug abuse in a society. This means that having a drug free society is a collective effort of each and every person. Should you be in a society with drug addicts that need help, Rise Recovery Drug Treatment Centre is ready and in open arms to offers rehabilitation services.