Facing the issue of double eyelids and planning for the surgery? Eye shape and size are different, so the preference for a specific eyelid varies from person to person. Correction of a double eyelid is possible through surgery. Fixing a double eyelid cost (แก้ตาสองชั้นเท่าไหร่, which is the term in Thai) more and the problem arises the most during surgery. To know more about double eyelid surgery, read below.

The Problem Of Double Eyelid Surgery

The problem of having double eyelid surgery is common among people who need to get fixed through surgery.

· Too Small Eyelid

Double eyelid surgery is done if the layer of the eye is too small; else, the layer of the eye is not clear or drooping eyelids. It is the main reason people feel disappointed and want to fix double eyelids in case of two small eyes. Due to the design structure of the eyelid that does not fit the shape, an individual requires decoration of the eyelid and wants the fat removal surgery so that the skin becomes clear with a perfect eye layer.

For this, consult your doctor and share the problem. They will guide you with a clear vision and the amount of fat that needs to be removed during surgery.

· Dot Stitches

Use stitches process for double eyelids. Patients with excess eyelids, thick eyelids, fat contain eyelids need immediate surgery to have a beautiful and clear eye.

For this, consult your doctor, and they will guide you with proper knowledge regarding eyelids.

· Unequal Eyelids

Suppose double eyelids surgery is done and the layers of both the eyes are not equal; therefore, it is unequal; this is caused due to the inexperience of the surgeon you choose. Unequal eyelids may lead to muscle weakness, and the look of your face will become useless.

Unequal double eyelid problems need correction, and the patient should face weak eyelid muscles. It can be solved by pulling the eye muscles, and it will correct the weak eye muscles on the spot.

Irritated by double eyelid surgery? What next? After surgery, you will feel irritation under the skin of the eyes, and the look will be unnatural. All these problems arise if you choose a surgeon who is not experienced in this field. In an emergency after surgery, you need to consult a better surgeon and seek help from them.

Bottom Line

Fixing the problem of the double eyelid is important, but an expert can help you more than a normal surgeon. Now it’s time to fix the double eyelid problem and have a bright look on your face with a natural smile.