Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve is a very common weight loss surgery that is executed worldwide. Compared to other weight loss procedures, sleeve surgery is often worth it and provides great weight loss results.

With the removal of 80 to 85 percent of the stomach, larger amounts of hunger hormones (ghrelin) are eradicated with sleeve gastrectomy. The leftover sleeve-shaped stomach limits the food intake, encouraging quick and lasting weight reduction without transforming the structure.

How does sleeve gastrectomy help in losing weight?

Sleeve gastrectomy promotes weight reduction by limiting food consumption. While a part of the stomach is taken out surgically, you’ll need to eat less, and following the procedure, eat smaller amounts of food to be satiated. Those who undergo sleeve surgery end up having significant weight reduction and other health benefits.

How much does a gastric sleeve surgery cost?

A sleeve gastrectomy costs about $4500 in Mexico and $16400 in the US. The cost is based on numerous factors such as:

  1. Country or state
  2. Hospital facility
  3. The qualifications and experience of the surgeon
  4. Insurance

Mexico gastric sleeve cost with insurance coverage

If you are holding medical insurance, you can expect to pay as low as $4000 for a Mexico gastric sleeve surgery. The average cost for a sleeve gastrectomy seems pricey. However, with the premium on medical care, professional equipment, and medical supplies required, the costs are somewhat fixed, relying on the state you visit.

If you pay the gastric sleeve in mexico with insurance, your prices are entirely reliant on your current medical plan. At first, it totally relies on if your health insurance will cover any cost and if you would even qualify following your insurer’s tedious requisites are met.

How to pay for bariatric surgery without insurance?

Without insurance, the average price of a bariatric surgery like sleeve gastrectomy can be somewhere from $16000 to $20000. This is a normal range of the average cost the patient can expect in Canada and the US. Still, it is difficult to say that there is only one typical cost for this kind of weight loss procedure, given how much difference there is.

These are a few options that you can choose to pay for bariatric surgery:

  1. Health care savings account
  2. Personal loan
  3. Hospital payment plan
  4. Medical loan
  5. Care credit

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