As many states across the nation legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, this plant has almost certainly landed on your radar. Many questions have undoubtedly popped up as a result, such as, “Where can I buy legal weed in New Hampshire?” If that’s the case, then simply use this guide to learn the answers to all your most pressing questions.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in New Hampshire?

Unlike many other states across the United States, recreational cannabis is not yet legal in New Hampshire. Cannabis is decriminalized, however, which means that possession of ¾ of an ounce or less only results in a fine. Medical cannabis is legal for authorized use as well.

As for recreational users, they’ll have to wait until legislation lands on the ballot in 2022 or beyond before enjoying cannabis in the comfort of their New Hampshire home. There’s no guarantee it will pass, however, so it’s best to keep Massachusetts dispensaries in mind until it does.

Where Can NH Residents Buy Cannabis?

New Hampshire residents can legally go across state lines to Massachusetts to buy recreational cannabis at the local dispensaries, like Uma Flowers. At this dispensary near New Hampshire, you’ll find all the top cannabis products, including flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, and concentrates.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to get, you can count on friendly and knowledgeable staff to help out.

Is It Okay to Bring Weed from Massachusetts Back Home?

Unfortunately, despite buying it legally, it’s not legal to bring the cannabis products back home afterward. Just being in possession of cannabis products is illegal in New Hampshire even when purchased in a legal dispensary across state lines.

If caught, offenders could end up with a $100 fine for their first two offenses. After that, the fine goes up considerably. On top of that, the officers may confiscate your cannabis, putting you further in the hole after completing your purchase.

Is It Possible to Visit Medical Dispensaries in New Hampshire?

If you need cannabis for authorized health reasons, you can get a medical cannabis card by visiting a doctor. With that card, you’ll gain access to your medical cannabis dispensary of choice and make purchases anytime you wish. You can only buy up to two ounces of cannabis every 10 days and cannot carry more than that on your person without getting into trouble.

Furthermore, you cannot just stop in any of the dispensaries. You must register with them first, and then only shop at your selected location. You have five medical cannabis dispensaries, or Alternative Treatment Centers as they’re officially known, to shop at in New Hampshire.

If you do not have any qualifying medical conditions, you’ll have to wait for New Hampshire laws to change before enjoying recreational cannabis at home. In the meantime, you can visit our team at Uma Flowers in Massachusetts to purchase your favorite products, and then enjoy them during your stay in our wonderful state.