Nude-colored lips might look great on their own, but they can easily derail an outfit if paired with the wrong colours. Lips of every colour, even a nude hue, have their time and place.Women all around the world are slowly but surely becoming obsessed with the natural, bare-faced style, while the more dramatic styles, such as those with a red lip or smokey eyes, remain classic. It’s easy to put together, looks great no matter what you wear, requires little materials, and goes with everything.

For this reason, this makeup style is the one most often used by women, both on a regular basis and for special occasions. Celebrities are equally as into this cosmetic fad as the general public; some even choose to wear it on the day of their weddings. Since nude makeup is now the most fashionable and in-demand makeup look, it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with the simple techniques necessary to obtain your perfect nude makeup appearance.

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The versatility of a nude hue makes it a great choice for any occasion, whether you’re dressing up for a night on the town or heading out for a casual day. Follow these recommendations when deciding how to mix it with your outfit to give off an image of effortless beauty and style. Lips in a nude tone, which may vary from beige to mocha to sheer washes of pink, look great with boldly coloured clothing. Thus, a nude-toned lip is a good choice if you’d rather let your clothes speak for themselves. With Pucker Up Box Set of 6 Nudes Semi-Matte Lipsticks it works fine.

Tips for showing off your lips without using lip gloss

Wear a colour that is much lighter than your natural skin tone will have the opposite effect, making you seem sickly and washed out. If you want your makeup to seem natural, stick to being no more than one shade lighter than your skin. Stick to subdued pinks and peaches if you have a fair complexion, chocolate shades if you have darker skin, and beige tones like caramel or latte if you have a yellow undertone. Remember, this is only a guideline to help you choose the perfect hues.

You should make sure your lips are in great condition before putting on any natural lip colour

To prevent lipstick from peeling off and making your lips seem unpleasant, exfoliate them with a lip scrub before applying. If you want your lips to stay moist, apply some lip balm afterward.

Use concealer to naturally lighten the colour of your lips if they are really dark in pigment. Achieving the desired amount of nudity is best accomplished when beginning with a clean slate. However, if you do this, be careful to build up just a thin layer and not apply too much product to your lips, otherwise the final result may seem cakey.

Use a semi-matte lipstick or dab a little gloss on top of your natural lipstick to prevent creasing and enhance volume. Avoid using a lip tint that has an icy or matte appearance if you’re going au naturale.

Massive, dramatic eyes are best paired with a natural lip colour. It’s a great way to highlight the other parts of your makeup and get compliments on them. Place emphasis on your eyes by raising your brows.


Use a cream blush in a peach or pink shade to add some colour to your cheeks. This will bring out the natural glow in your skin.The key to successfully pulling off the nude look without looking too gaunt is to pick the right nude shade for your skin tone.


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