Back pain can range from minor muscle spasms due to exercise to chronic and debilitating pain. Massage therapy provides a safe and accessible method to treat back pain. For those who are suffering from this type of pain, therapeutic massage is a reliable method to treat and reduce their symptoms and underlying problems. Read to know how Massage Integral Performance Physio can help relieve back pain:

Evaluating the Underlying Cause of the Pain

The majority of massage therapists are highly trained physical therapists who help evaluate the potential root causes of your back pain. Also, they can recommend exercises or changes to your everyday routine that can help relieve symptoms in the long term. 

Increasing Blood Flow

Massage therapists work and manipulate the back muscles, increasing blood flow to the affected areas of the back. In turn, this helps promote healing, especially if your soft tissue is injured. Some studies even claim that massage therapy can help improve the long-term vascular function of athletes and patients who are not physically active. 

Reducing Muscle Tension

Excessive muscle tension can limit your movements and make you feel pain, especially around the neck or lower back. Massage therapy helps your muscle groups relax by eliminating associated pain and increasing flexibility.

Increasing Endorphin Release

Endorphins are chemicals that promote happiness and wellbeing within your brain. They alleviate pain and anxiety. Massage therapy can generate increased endorphin levels to make you feel better and promote body healing.

Massage relaxes your mind just as much your body. You need to have a positive outlook to recover from your pain quickly and pay attention to your mental health. Sure, being in pain makes you feel frustrated, helpless, and useless. Massage therapy is a form of healing that unifies your body and brain, offering you a complete wellness experience. 

A lot of people wonder whether or not they must consider massage therapy for lower back pain. A physiotherapist can use massage, together with a program of exercise and stretches for back pain. The fact is that different treatments work for different people and some need a combination to get positive results. Of course, some treatments are not suitable for all people. For instance, massage therapy may not be recommended for people with herniated or bulging discs. If you are suffering from back pain caused by another condition, talk to an expert about the suitability of massage for your condition.