Many adults, including mature women, get missing teeth that require replacements. Missing teeth provide a bad appearance as one is talking or smiling. There are two ways in which you can use as you try to replace missing teeth. The two approaches are;

  • Having dentures
  • All on four implants

There are still many benefits of dentures such as low cost and are easy to put, but many mature women are going for the all on four implants. The implants involve the setup of titanium screws embedded in the jaws. The screws support a prosthetic tool that has similar uses and resembles a natural tooth.

There are distinct reasons why women are switching dentures for all on four implants. The reasons are;

Offer a permanent solution.

The traditional dentures are temporal, and their removal is easy. It means that one is required to replace the dentures from time to time. The all on four implants are different as once they are set, they cannot be removed.

The mature women of the modern days are busy and do not have time to replace the dentures regularly. The women opt for permanent methods to help them restore the missing teeth. The all on four implants are convenient for the women’s busy schedule.

Financial power

The all on four implants are more expensive than the dentures; hence the young ladies cannot afford the implants. As women improve their financial position, they can afford more dental treatments such as the all on four implants.

The mature women being in better financial positions, get rid of the dentures, and use the all on four implants. The mature women use implants in large numbers compared to the young ladies.

Improves the smile

The all on four implants significantly helps you to have the flawless smile that you desire. The procedure preserves the jaw bone maintaining your facial structure. Mature women want to have a perfect smile, and all on four treatments achieve the smile better than the dentures.

The primary reason women have gone for all on four implants is that it smoothens the facial wrinkles; hence you look younger. Every mature woman desires to look younger; therefore, the growth in demand for the all on four implants.

Enhances functionality of teeth

As women mature, they realize that teeth are affected by specific issues. Dentures can take care of some of the problems but not as effective as the all on four implants. The all on four implants help you speak, consume all types of food, and have less gum sensitivity.

Mature women opt for the most effective way to handle such issues. The dentures cannot help solve the problems effectively as they are temporal.

Bottom Line

Mature women are opting for all on four implants due to the benefits of the procedure. The ability to afford the procedure as they mature also influences their change to the implants. The implants look natural and provide the flawless smile that the women desire. Mature women prefer implants, as they are more effective and permanent.