It is said to aid digestion, eliminate toxins from the body, and increase energy levels. It’s also supposed to help you lose weight, prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, and heart disease.

Kombucha is a tea-fermented ‘living’ drink. Tea, sugar, and kombucha culture are the primary components. We make Organic kombucha that is prepared properly, it combines with the sugar and tea to produce a slightly effervescent beverage that is packed with nutrients and tastes fantastic. Depending on the type of tea and any herbal infusions added, the flavour might vary.

Kombucha is shrouded in legends about its medicinal benefits, and some claim it can perform “miracles.” None of this, however, has been confirmed and should thus be considered hearsay.

What can be said with confidence, however, is that Kombucha is a highly nutritious beverage with several health-promoting characteristics.

Because Kombucha has holistic characteristics, it acts on the human body, balancing PH levels and restoring the body’s natural levels, rather than focusing on individual diseases or locations.


Probiotics are beneficial to your immune system and digestion.

It can boost your energy levels.

Alcohol Alternative- for individuals who wish to stop drinking alcohol or are on the keto diet and don’t want to lose their ketosis. Kombucha tea is an excellent option since it gives a comparable relaxing effect without getting you intoxicated. It has a texture that is comparable to beer, although it is slightly carbonated.

Digestion – It will assist to acidify the stomach and aid in the digestion of proteins. The acids will activate enzymes that will aid in the dissolving of proteins, resulting in improved digestion.

Blood sugar levels will improve, resulting in lower cholesterol, fewer cravings, and less hunger.

Reduces stress – Not just because of the beneficial acids in the combination, but also because of the B vitamins.

Sleep – half a container will enough; combine it with water and you will notice a significant improvement in your sleep quality. This is since increasing stomach acidity increases calcium and other mineral absorption.

It not only has the same health advantages as tea, but it also contains a lot of good bacteria. Kombucha also includes antioxidants, could destroy dangerous germs, and may aid in the treatment of a variety of ailments.

Our Kombucha is a fermented tea prepared with bacteria and yeast in a symbiotic culture. Sugarsweetened, brewed tea is also known as scoby. We cover the tea with a towel and leave it to ferment for 7-10 days. When the scoby consumes sugar, fermentation happens. The scoby is removed after fermentation, and the tea is bottled and carbonated. Scoby has a tangy, effervescent flavour to it.

Pay attention to the bottle Kombucha drink comes in while shopping. Because kombucha may breakdown and devour materials like plastics, always select a brand that comes in a glass bottle, such as Happy Kombucha where we provide all our kombucha with a glass bottle.

We also recommend looking at the ingredients list after glancing at the bottle and pick a brand with the smallest list: water, sugar, tea, and germs.