When you experience Springtime fatigue, nutrient deficits, or too much stress, it could be as a result of lack of exercise. Here are the signs that shows you need to Exercise:

  1. Stress And Lack Of Sleep

Have negative consequences for the whole body – from fatigue to sexual aversion. Your body performance decreases. And when the stress becomes a constant thing, you can go into depression and also burnout. An increase in the stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol now cause the body’s energy reserve to be stressed.

  1. Lack Of Light

Makes us slack in the dark season. The brain reacts to darkness with an increased melatonin production (our “sleep hormone”), which in turn can lead to permanent tiredness and even winter depression. One explanation for spring tiredness is that our body’s melatonin level is still very high at the beginning of March.

  1. Nutrient Deficiencies

A lack of vitamins and trace elements can also lead to a lack of energy. For example, if we lack vitamin B12, this can lead to anemia and a reduced oxygen supply. Vitamin B12 deficiency is prevalent with an exclusively vegetarian diet (it is best to discuss with your doctor whether a vitamin B-containing dietary supplement would be essential for you too). Sufficient folic acid and iron are also essential because the body needs both of these above all to form the red blood pigment hemoglobin, which is crucial for the transport of oxygen in the blood. There are other energy supplements that work which you can take.

  1. Thyroid Problems

A lack of TSH in the brain (a stimulating hormone for the thyroid gland) or the insufficient production of thyroid hormones can lead to an underactive thyroid gland and make us lack energy and become tired.

  1. Too Low Blood Pressure

If you get black in front of your eyes, if you suffer from dizziness or ringing in the ears or frequent headaches, you should (have) your blood pressure measured. The normal is 120/80. If the systolic blood pressure is below 100, this can be a trigger for constant fatigue. A lot of exercises, as well as alternating showers, can help.

  1. Not Having Enough Liquid In The Body

When dehydrated, it can lead to a lack of energy. Often the body is dehydrated before it even feels thirsty. Therefore, always drink enough water, isotonic drinks, unsweetened teas, or diluted fruit juices.

  1. Emotional Stress

Traumatic and very stressful experiences can also lead to a lack of energy and emotional dullness. Treat this in psychotherapy.