How to pack products to sell online! The tips will be divided into two stages: in the first part, a more technical approach. Follow up until the end we guarantee it’s worth it.

Packaging Materials for E-Commerce

One of the biggest advantages of using CBD display box packaging with appropriate materials is the preservation of the products during transport. Imagine that your inventory control is five stars, with the shipping team taking great care not to ship damaged items, but the goods arrive at the destination damaged. It is true that there may be some oversight by the logistics operator, but with quality packaging you greatly reduce the likelihood of scratching or breaking your products.

Cardboard Box

Certainly cardboard boxes are the packaging most used by e-commerce sellers. Sturdy and easy to store in stock, they present great cost and benefit (economical for the entrepreneur; safe for the merchandise).

Square or rectangular in shape, they can be easily customized both in look and structure. Some models have cut and crease, others, internal partitions (great for transporting CBD oil bottles and others). The CBD store, for example, even includes a plastic handle for easy transport and handling.

Whichever model of cardboard Custom CBD oil boxes you choose, remember that the inside of the package needs to be “filled” so that it does not lose its strength. Do the test: use half the storage capacity of a cardboard box and apply a little force on the empty part. There is no duct tape that can handle it most likely it will sink!

To avoid the inconvenience of having a damaged box, try to use packages with a very approximate size of the item inside. A good tip is to have a variety of cardboard boxes. Still empty space left? Fill with air cushions, bubble wrap or brown paper (the most environmentally responsible option). Finish by closing all openings with quality adhesive tape, paste the shipping label, fix the invoice and the content declaration. Ready: you can release it to the carrier!


Some people still don’t trust envelopes to pack CBD products, but they can be very useful when shipping small items. There are two very interesting options: Kraft paper envelope with bubble wrap and plastic security envelope (also with bubble wrap inside). For sending delicate products, reinforcement with more bubble wrap is worth it!

At the time of Custom CBD tincture boxes to sell online, consider using envelopes (small goods, of course). If you have a contract with the Post Office, inquire about rates and conditions, so you can define the best option for your e-commerce.