You may be thinking that you’re eating right and exercising regularly, but there are many reasons for sudden weight gain. If you want to find out more about how these can affect your body weight, read our blog post now!

1. You are on the pill

Did you know that hormonal birth control pills can increase the risk of insulin resistance and weight gain? Insulin is a hormone, and it increases fat storage. When we take the pill, we are actually tricking our bodies into thinking it’s pregnant, so we stop ovulating or release an egg monthly. If this happens, our body responds by creating the right balance of hormones to inhibit ovulation. The problem is, they also increase levels of insulin which tells the body it’s not pregnant, and that means there may be extra fat stored in the belly area (which is where most women like to gain weight)! Is this one of the reasons you gained weight on the pill. If you want to know can excess weight cause infertility? read our blog post.

2. Thyroid-related weight gain

Do you know that the thyroid gland plays a key role in metabolism? A new study has shown that too much or too little thyroid hormone may result in weight gain, especially around the waist. If your body’s tissues are sensitive to thyroid hormones, levels of these hormones will determine whether you’re lean or obese. For example, weight gain is common in people with low thyroid levels, and weight loss occurs when thyroid hormone levels rise. This is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

3. You’re too stressed or anxious

It seems like stress causes people to reach for junk food because it boosts cortisol levels, which stimulates appetite. And if you’re stressed out because your diet isn’t too healthy, that will just make matters worse. A new study suggests that stress can lead to weight gain by eating junk food and exercising less.

4. You’re exposed to endocrine

Disrupting chemicals Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are present in many everyday things, from plastic bottles and cans to flame retardant chemicals used on furniture and electronics. The problem is, they may cause hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain in both men and women.

5. You have too much sugar

Too much sugar in your diet will definitely show up on the weighing scale! Excess sugar can interfere with hormones that keep our blood sugar levels healthy. Sugar also has an effect on insulin which controls carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Too much sugar leads to increased insulin which tells the body to store more fat.

If you find yourself unable to lose weight despite conventional methods, it’s best that you get to look for a weight loss clinic in Arizona.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that weight gain is a complex process with many factors. It can be caused by stress, medical conditions, or even what you buy at the grocery store. If you find yourself gaining more and more weight every year but don’t know, why consider these things before blaming your diet!