As we know, smoking has many significant and negative impacts on the human body. Beyond damage to the lungs and increasing the chances of cancer, it’s also extremely detrimental to cardiovascular health.

The various chemicals and vapours released in cigarette smokehave been shown to:

  • Increase LDL levels
  • Lower HDL levels
  • Damage the cells that line arteries and blood vessels
  • Thicken the blood and make it more sticky and prone to clotting
  • Cause the blood vessels to narrow and thicken

Additionally, research has found that a compound found in cigarette smoke called acroleingoes a step further in impactingthe body’s cholesterol levels. It’s extremely reactive, preventing the HDL in the blood from transporting the LDL out of the arteries and on to the liver.This means that smoking not only increases LDL accumulation, but it also impairs the ability of HDL cholesterol to reverse the damage caused by LDL.

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