In every ten women, two of them face gynaecological issues. What are gynaecological problems? Gynaecological problems are related to vagina, uterus, breast, ovaries, infertility, etc. The rising ratio of women facing gynaecological problems reflects a healthy society. People have made female issues a taboo in the community due to which most of the women are hesitant to talk about their sexual health.

Gynaecology is a branch of medical diagnosing the female health issues: gynaecologist, the gynaecology specialist. Most often, teens and women face irregular mensural cycle, ovary cyst, infertility, abnormal bleeding, pregnancy, vaginal infection, etc. Such problems can turn severe at any stage and thus need a cure. Not every female is comfortable to consult male doctors or even lady doctors one on one. For such problems, here is a list of top five online gynaecologist consultation portals.

Docterz is an all-in-one portal that has a solution to your every problem. The doctor panel has numerous specialists from different branches. This portal is well-equipped with teleconsultation, and video conferencing and record of follow up appointments. Docterz does not charge any sign-in fee. Patients will pay to the doctors directly through a secure payment gateway. The portal has numerous experienced gynaecologists, providing personalised treatment. Patients can consult anytime, and prior appointment bookings are necessary. You can avail a discount coupon on first sign-up. The services of Docterz are available on the web portal and apps available on androids and IOS.

DocsApp is a portal stuffed with specialised doctors of different branches. This software helps the patients to get in touch with concerned doctors online. This portal provides online consultation, but the patients can also choose services like lab tests and ordering medicine online. An array of services makes the portal useful for people in COVID situations. Patients can sign-up for free, there are no hidden charges in doctor’s fee. Prior appointments are essential. The doctor panel consists of best gynaecologists. DocsApp’s services are available through the web portal and apps on androids and IOS. is another software excelling in the field of online doctor consultation. This portal is the only one that provides free consultation for urgent cases. The app promises personalised treatment; the appointment and consultation will be online or teleconsultation. is a NABH certified platform and is considered best for online consultation. This platform promises to maintain privacy between doctors and patients. You can consult the best and experienced gynaecologist online. You can avail their services on web portals and app available for androids and IOS.

Femscare is a software eccentric to deal with female health issues. This software is developed for women to deal with female health issues and all the taboos. This platform is considered best for online gynaecologist consultation. Femscare consists of experienced female gynaecologists. If you want urgent consultancy, you can talk to the lad doctor in five minutes. The portal promises personalised treatment and privacy. Patients can have teleconsultation. Femscare is developed for the holistic development of women and consultancy regarding fertility, family, planning, and contraception are promoted to propagate awareness. Their services are available on the web portal and apps on android and IOS.

Credihealth is one the leading platform in the field of online doctor consultation. This software is well equipped with teleconsultation. The panel has the best-experienced gynaecologists who provide personalised treatment with good privacy between doctors and patients. There are several other specialised doctors. Prior appointments are essential for consultation and follow up with doctors. Credihealth does not charge any sign-up fee. You can avail their services on the web portal and apps on androids and IOS.

Gynaecological health is an essential aspect of female health, and thus nobody should ignore it. The platforms mentioned above are working efficiently to provide online gynaecologist consultation. These platforms have worked efficiently even in times of lockdown and in the post-lockdown period. Among all the online platforms, Docterz is considered the best because of its ready to use application, and hassle-free procedure of consulting doctors online.