Even with a healthy diet and routine exercise, lots of people find it frustrating to slim down their faces. Although others have a natural round-shaped face, stress, genetics, medications, and numerous other factors could also influence the face’s contours, making it nearly impossible to change.

Some choose surgery, although there are others who can’t (or prefer not to). Fortunately, there are various face slimming treatment choices to assist you in achieving a slimmer face without going under the knife. Below are the best non-invasive techniques for a sexier, slimmer face.

Dermal Fillers

Using dermal fillers to make your face seem slimmer may appear unreasonable. After all, fillers are often used to add more volume. However, they could make your face look more sculpted and youthful, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and replace the volume loss due to aging. Aside from giving you a rejuvenated look like when you were in your youth, putting fillers in regions where your cheeks are commonly contoured using makeup could assist in re-sculpting your whole face for a more lifted look.

Your cheeks and facial skin naturally begin to sag as you get old. A dermal filler injection could rectify volume loss because of muscle and fat volume loss while also offering contour, particularly in the jowl region near the mouth. Putting filler could increase volume to the face, help reshape the face and make you appear young-looking and more angular in guys.

Fillers are a good face slimming treatment option to have a slimmer face without going under the knife. Fillers could last for months and, based on the filler type used, might be able to be undone if you’re not appeased with the results. Compared to fillers, surgery is a permanent solution and can’t be fixed easily if the results are not satisfying. Fillers are suitable for men and women and could be used on different areas of the face to provide more definition and contour.

By filling in the jawline, jawline fillers could help trim your face and give it a sculpted, beautiful look. This procedure would also aid in the lifting of your saggy neck.

Contrary to popular belief, Fillers help trim and define your face rather than making it seem fuller. The soft tissues are lifted like a liquid facelift as you give your face more definition. Fillers can be used to lengthen your chin, and BTX treatments can be used to thin down your square jawline.

In combination with fillers, BTX treatments are a terrific non-invasive cosmetic option to get the best results. BTX is used to relax your muscles that generate wrinkles and fine lines, while fillers plump up and shape the skin. When the two procedures are combined, the skin is lifted and smoothed, giving it a younger, slimmer look. This treatment is suitable for a wide spectrum of individuals. If you have defined cheekbones since birth but have recently realized that your face has grown droopy, it may benefit you. It might also help you if your face is rounded but always desired more defined cheekbones and a heart or heart face shape.

Many women desire a V-shaped face. For Asian ladies, this is particularly true. The jawline can become square formed because of overdeveloped masseter muscles, which are responsible for chewing the food. These muscles contract up or grind the teeth, resulting in a square jawline.

While some people appear well with this face shape, it is not suitable for everyone. BTX could help relax the stiff muscles in the masseter, causing them to loosen and shrink, giving the face a narrower appearance. Fillers help extend the face and form it to a heart shape by filling in any gaps around the chin and the jawline. Combining fillers and BTX might help create a more V-shape appearance.