You get distressed looking at your drooping breasts and have many times thought about getting a breast lift. However, you can’t exactly determine whether or not it’s right for you.


Well, there are certain signs from which it can be told whether a person is a right candidate for a breast lift. Let’s consider them.

1. Do Your Nipples Appear to Point Downward?

When skin at the base of the breast stretches out and starts sagging, the weight of the breast tissue pulls the nipple downward.

Something like a breast lift surgery in Grafton by PCLS Coffs Harbour can reposition the breast tissue so the nipples start facing forward.

So, if you see your nipples pointing downward, you can be a right candidate for a breast lift.

2. Is the Nipple Positioned Below the Crease Beneath Your Breast?

A feature cosmetic surgeons normally look for while assessing a breast lift candidate is the location of the nipple/areola with regard to the crease beneath the breast aka inframammary fold.

You can do a test. While wearing no bra, slide a plain sheet of paper beneath your breast in a way that it will sit against your breast crease.

Now look in the mirror. Are your nipples hanging below the top edge of the paper? If they are, it’s a good sign to say that you have enough sagging to get a breast lift.

3. Are You Happy with Your Breast Size while Wearing a Bra?

While wearing a bra, if you feel that your breast size is small and you should do something about increasing its size, breast lift alone won’t significantly increase the size.

You may even feel vice versa, i.e. your breast size may be bigger than you want. Here too a breast lift cannot be much of help to reduce the breast size.

Although it can make your breasts look rounder, fuller and better in your bra, if you want to increase or reduce your breast size, you should consider something like professional breast augmentation in Coffs Harbour.

Thus if you only want to get your breast size increased or reduced, but don’t have sagged breasts, you may not be a right candidate for a breast lift.


4. Are Your Breasts Unusually Shaped or Asymmetrical?

Because a breast lift surgery has the ability to reshape the breast tissue along with lifting sagging breast tissue, it can be extremely effective in improving breast symmetry.

Thus if you have asymmetric breasts or have breasts that are not shaped normally, you are a right candidate for a breast lift.

A skilled cosmetic surgeon can apply breast lift techniques to bring back a more rounded, normal shape to tuberous breasts.

5. Are You in Good Health?

Although you might have now found that you have one of the above criteria and are a candidate for a breast lift, there is another important prerequisite and it’s that whether you’re in good health.

If you have a medical condition that may prevent you from having a cosmetic surgery, you may not be the right candidate for a breast lift. These include:

  • Personal or family history of breast cancer
  • Clotting or bleeding disorders, like deep vein thrombosis
  • Obesity
  • Smoking or other tobacco and nicotine use

Evaluate yourself with these tips and undergo a breast lift if you’re the right candidate. All the best!


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