For lymphedema patients, one of the best garments that they can wear, which can help them to protect against the lymphatic fluids that can harm their body, is none other than compression garments. Compression garments itself mean applying pressure in whichever area of the body it is used, whether you are using the garments in the hands, or arms or chest or legs, etc. It is made in such a fashion that it helps the lymph fluids to flow in the proper direction. Apart from that, one of the things that you should know is that the lymphatic tubes are beneath the surface of the skin only. Plus, the use of compression garments and their help in curing lymphedema are yet to be researched and studied. But, the doctors have found out that in some or the other way compressive garments help the lymphedema patients to get rid of the lymphatic fluids getting collected in various body parts like arms, legs, bums, and other areas like shoulders, etc.

About Compression Garments

One of the best things that you will know about compression garments for lymphedema is that compression garments are made with a material that is mostly elastic and can stretch to any extent. In addition, it has tightness due to which the lymphatic fluids are forced to move freely into any direction in the body rather than getting accumulated. Apart from that, you can get the compression fabric in different materials like that of wool or latex or some softer. You can get the fabric in a stiff material too. Also, if you have just started seeing the signs of lymphedema, then the first thing that you are supposed to do is consult a doctor, after that use the compression garment which the doctor will suggest to you. You can also use the sleeve compression garment. If you are having lymphedema that is in stage 2 or stage 3 then you would need therapy. In addition, with physiotherapy, you would be required to wear the compression garment, so that you get better results from the treatment.

Detecting Lymphedema – 

Your doctor will tell you whether you have to wear the compression garment for the whole day or part of the day or when you are going outdoors etc. Certain ways are there in which you can identify lymphedema. The first and the foremost possible sign of lymphedema is swelling in the area of the limb. You can also find swelling towards the foot and its backside and the lower limb. Apart from that, some other signs are tension in the body and alteration in the motion or gesture, also your skin may become thick and hard, and certain skin inflammation or diseases that keep recurring. Certain kind of infections that is caused by insect bites, or wounds of severe nature, burns of serious nature that has affected the lymphatic system are the reasons for the causes of Lymphedema.

Causes of the Disease and Doctor – 

Other causes for the rise of this disease are obesity, injury, cancer treatment radiation, or tumor, etc. due to which this disease or illness or medical condition develops. To cure the disease of lymphedema, it is very important that you first see a specialist for these lymphatic symptoms. Apart from that, you can also see an orthopedic, so that you can take some medicines or ointments from them regarding your lymphatic conditions. The areas of the body enlarge due to the lymphatic fluids, which are protein-rich, and it gets stored in the soft tissues and causes inflammation. This damages the lymphatic system due to which the immune system is also affected. So, you should always treat your skin disorders and take care of the skin.