You should prepare your skin before getting a skin treatment. There are many types of skin treatments:



It is done quickly and helps to remove acne scars and age spots.

Chemical peels:


Chemical peel is an exfoliating skin treatment. It is anti-aging and rejuvenating.

Laser skin treatment:


Laser skin treatment removes wrinkles and fine lines with the use of infrared light.



It is a non-exfoliating treatment. It tightens and improves the contours of the face and the neck.

Acne blue light therapy:


This is a light-based therapy used to treat acne.

Be aware of your intake

Skin treatments may involve the use of injection and can cause bruising. Avoid any kind of alcohol before and after getting a skin treatment. Especially red wine, as it is a blood thinner. Especially red wine, as it is a blood thinner. Blood thinners interfere coagulation process and may enhance bruising. Facial and Chemical peels are the procedures in which there are little chances of bruising. So, there are no alters in food intake. You should consult your dermatologist/doctor about intake, prescriptions, and side effects before getting a skin treatment.


Make a plain skincare routine

Skincare products that you are using daily may cause harm when used before a skin treatment. Some skin care products may cause redness and sensitivity to your skin. The dermatologist will not be able to give the best treatment if your skin is sensitive. For example, you should stop using a retinoid and Strong HA three days before a facial.


Have a pill on dermatologist’s advice

The skin has plenty of pain receptors. During skin treatment, you may feel severe pain and discomfort. To avoid the pain and discomfort, you should take a pain killer before a skin treatment. You will have to consult your doctor for a particular pain killer that suits you.


Make a prior plan

Do give yourself ample preparation time because most of the skin treatments require changes in your routine. Ask your doctor/dermatologist about the measures and skincare your skin needs and act accordingly. It takes at least one week for your skin preparation before skin treatment.


Skin preparation for laser skin treatment

You should avoid sunlight four months before laser skin treatment. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen. Avoid exfoliating skin treatment such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion before laser skin treatment. If you are suffering from Herpes (oral or genital), you should take medicine before laser skin treatment with the consultation of your dermatologist.