There are many of us who like to have Marijuana autoflower seeds in US. There are novice, intermediate and even experienced growers who love to grow their own plant no matter how long it takes. Growing your own cannabis is an experience and many of us enjoy doing it. As the amount of cannabis is increasing in our daily lives, the hangover from the same is also increasing. The cannabis hangovers are affecting different people in different ways. While some people can completely handle it, the others will feel bed ridden for the whole day if they had a hard night with cannabis smoking.

It is time that we reveal all the common symptoms of cannabis hangover so that you are at least aware of the same. The symptoms may be different for different individuals, the common symptoms of a weed hangover are brain fog, lethargy, fatigue, red eyes, headaches, nausea, dry mouth and eyes and so on. It is known that most of these symptoms are subjective and anecdotal, the cannabis scientists have delved into the domain of weed hangovers to try the phenomenon out. They have run pretty good number of questionnaires that have enabled them to target the core symptoms Marijuana Autoflower Seeds Us .

The common causes of the weed hangovers

The weed hangovers are definitely multi-dimensional and there are varied number of variables contribute to how smokers feel the next morning. If the cannabis smoker is going to expose himself to the following factors, they will likely feel the hangover the next day:

  1. High Doses of THC

If you are hitting hard on the THC laced brownies, you are going to have a hard hangover the next day for sure. Such high levels of THC take longer to process and this is why you will wake up stoned. Although the effects of smoked cannabis will peak for 1-3 hours, the edible cannabis will make its way through the body.

  1. Smoking

Smoking the cannabis directly will have cause more fatigue as that of what is caused by vaping. If you have the habit of smoking more, you might get more hangover. There are users who choose to add tobacco to their joints that will cause foggy and lethargic feeling the following morning.

  1. The Munchies

The cannabis makes people hungrier. The more you are hungry, the more you are going to binge on the munchies. The kind of munchies you eat during this time will also add to your hangover.

Get your Marijuana autoflower seeds in the US, but when you have your harvest in hand, you should always try to prevent and combat the hangover. For more information, keep checking our blogs to get the latest updates.