One of the most common procedures recommended for permanent birth control is the vasectomy procedure, and there are many good reasons why. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, you should schedule a consultation with your doctor.

Reading and learning online is also good, but the best way to know more about a certain procedure is to talk to a professional. You can check out the vasectomy clinic Wollongong if you are interested, or simply schedule a consultation and talk to your doctor instead.


Do your own research or talk to a doctor

What is a vasectomy?

The vasectomy procedure is a simple and small operation that a man gets, which will prevent all future pregnancies. It is designed to block the sperm from entering semen, and thus preventing the pregnancy. Your doctor will be able to do this procedure in his office, with just the numbing anesthesia.

Two types of vasectomies

There are two types of vasectomies that will give the same result but are done differently. The conventional vasectomy is done by your doctor making small cuts on each side of your scrotum to be able to reach the vas deferens and block them. These are tubes where your sperm travels to your semen and causes a pregnancy.

The no-scalpel vasectomy is done in a similar way, but instead of making tiny cuts, your doctor will make tiny puncture holes, through which he can again reach the vas deferens and block them. Usually, you will not need stitching after this procedure, since it is rather simple, the wound is very small and it can heal on its own.

How effective are vasectomies?

The vasectomy procedure is almost 100% active, and there are some very rare cases where the tubes could rejoin, in which case a pregnancy might happen. After the vasectomy procedure, you will still have to use protection until the vasectomy takes effect, so make sure to go to the follow-up tests where your doctor can tell you whether your semen is sterile or not.

The procedure is very simple and safe. Complications are not common, but just like with every other procedure, they are present; you might experience swelling, inflammation, infection or bruising. These are almost never a serious issue, but it is important that you talk to your doctor if anything occurs.


Learn more about the vasectomy procedure

In addition, the recovery is also very simple. Once you are home you just need to take it easy, and it takes about 3 days for you to be able to go about your day as normal. You can check out reliable vasectomy in Berwick at Vasectomy Australia if you want to learn more about the procedure.

Final word

There are lots you need to consider, but the best way to go about this is to simply talk to your doctor. Your doctor will be able to give you all the information about the vasectomy procedure, what you should know, and whether this procedure is the procedure for you.